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As a classic type of clothing, T-shirts are not only simple and generous, but also very comfortable. If matched with some printing techniques, they will be more gorgeous and individual, and they are also loved by people. The T-shirt printing process is developed with the advancement of technology, and there are many types. Let’s take a look at different types of t-shirt printing processes and their advantages and disadvantages for the reference of those in the t-shirt printing industry and clothing companies.

Screen T-shirt printing

This process is currently the most used T-shirt printing technology. 90% of the T-shirts we buy are made of screen-printing technology.

Features: The coloring is firm, durable and washable, but special plate making is required, and the cost of printing in small quantities is high. It is suitable for clothes of various colors and fabrics. It is recommended to choose this process for mass printing, which will be more cost-effective.

Screen T-shirt printing is relatively complicated, mainly including design, film production, printing, printing, and drying steps.

Screen color printing, in simple terms, if the pattern of a T-shirt has three colors of red, yellow, and blue, it needs to print three plates, one plate for each color. At present, most of the domestic printing is spot color.

Screen printing can be divided into: water slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing.

Screen printing can have different printing effects by adding some special materials to meet the special needs of customers who customize t-shirts.

The disadvantage is that it requires plate making, which is suitable for a large amount of printing customization.

Screen printing has the most processes, and different processes have different characteristics. They are mainly divided into two types: water slurry printing and glue printing:

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Water ink screen t-shirt printing

Also named water slurry t-shirt print: This is the earliest technology that uses water-based slurry to print, which is somewhat similar to the pigments or dyes used in painting. After the technical treatment of the printing screen, the paste in the patterned area can penetrate the fabric, but the pattern without the pattern cannot penetrate, so that the pattern can be printed on the fabric. The disadvantage of water slurry printing is that only one color can be printed at a time, the second color must wait for the first color to dry, and a printing plate needs to be made. In addition, water slurry printing cannot use four colors to print color patterns, nor can it print light-colored patterns on dark fabrics. The printed clothes need to be washed, so the clothes will become hard. The advantage of water slurry printing is that the printed fabric has good air permeability. Water slurry printing is more suitable for cloth printing.

This printing process is the most basic printing process in screen printing. It is suitable for light-colored bottom shirts and has a soft, warm and breathable feel.

Most light-colored T-shirts customized by groups will choose this type of printing process. The advantage of water slurry printing is that the flower position is very fast.

Good, good results can be printed at a relatively low price.

Pigment T-shirt printing

This also called glue t-shirt printing. This process is almost the same as the former. The difference is that it uses glue pigments. Its disadvantage is that only one color can be printed at a time, and the second color must wait for the first color to dry. It is used for printing four-color color patterns, because the glue is opaque. In addition, the printed fabric has poor air permeability and is not washable, and the pattern is easy to fall off after a long time, especially when used in chemical fiber fabrics. However, most of the most common printed T-shirts on the market currently use the glue printing process. This process is more resistant to washing, not easy to deform, and has a smooth feeling. It can be printed in a large area of various colors.

Big-name printing process is the first choice. Mainly use matte paint, strong coverage, most suitable for restoring the design and Various decorations, sleeve flowers, corsages, etc., multiple overlapping printing can also ensure the lasting and bright pattern.

Glue pattern will obviously feel the glue from the hand feel. The Apparelcn glue process is added with water slurry ratio, which is softer than ordinary glue and more comfortable to wear.

Digital T-shirt printing

Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing is a new printing process that uses the micro piezoelectric print head of an inkjet printer to spray special textile ink on the surface of the fabric, and penetrates into the fiber to fix the color. The digital printing technology is as convenient as using a printer. You can print the patterns you want to print from the computer onto your clothes at any time. In the traditional printing method, the film must first be produced with a laser imagesetter, and then complicated processes such as screen printing and printing set-up are required. It is basically impossible to realize personalized customization.

Advantages of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing:

  1. The ink particles of digital printing are extremely fine and can reach the nanometer level, so it can easily penetrate into the fiber voids of the fabric. It has fastness and does not affect the softness and comfort of the fabric itself.
  2. No plate making, single piece can be made, zero inventory can be achieved, production on demand, suitable for e-commerce customer groups.
  3. It can print multi-color complex patterns, simple operation and quick to get started.
  4. The printed pattern is breathable, feels good, and has no glue feeling.
  5. The effect of printing patterns is very three-dimensional, the 3D effect is very strong, and the display effect of details is far more than that of screen printing.

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Heat transfer t-shirt printing

Thermal transfer printing, this printing technology uses transfer paper as the pigment. The printing process is to print the pattern on the heat transfer paper, and transfer the pattern on the heat transfer paper to the clothes through high temperature and pressure. This method is currently the favorite printing method for small-batch T-shirts and other clothing customization. The heat transfer printing process does not need to open the plate, which simplifies the printing process.

Hot stamping and transfer printing is a recent technology. An intermediate medium (such as transfer paper) is used as a pigment. The pattern is first printed on the transfer paper covered with a special coating, and then pressure and high temperature are used. The printing method that transfers the pattern on the transfer paper to the fabric. The advantages of hot stamping and transfer printing process are: simplify the production process of printing, and make the production of patterns, i.e., transfer paper, become a new industry independently, which facilitates the distribution of patterns. Its actual effect is the same as ink printing, but its pattern accuracy is higher. The heat transfer and T-shirt transfer paper on the market are representative of this type.

Features: Its advantage is that the color of the printed pattern is vivid, fast and convenient, but the disadvantage is that some light-colored patterns are not clear enough

Clearly, there is no air permeability where the picture is printed.

Welding T-shirt print and Foil T-shirt printing

Imitation bronzing, imitation bronzing silver: The effect of this printing process is cash silver effect, and it works best with a black bottom shirt, which is resistant to acid and high temperature.

The advantages of high brilliance and good stability, and because of the non-oxidizing and cool metal texture, it is customized by enterprises and personally.

The favorite of the system, superior printing performance, energy saving, most suitable for LOGO printing, very suitable for some financial industries

The choice of enterprises or individual customizers who pursue individuality.

Embossing T-shirt printing

The T-shirt is embossed and printed with color. There are two kinds of this process, the effect is similar, but the method is different. The first stitch method: just embossing. As shown in the figure below: just embossing on a T-shirt, this process is relatively simple. An embossing machine + a set of concave-convex molds are enough; the method is relatively simple. For this kind of embossing and embossing of T-shirts or sweaters and fabrics, if you want to do: the washing water does not rebound, you have to scrape the glue on the back. Contact T-shirt manufacturer! +

The second effect is: embossing + printing

If the effect shown in the figure below is to be achieved, the process will be more troublesome

  1. First stamp (scrape the glue on the back if the effect does not rebound), after stamping, the punch will not move. . The clothes didn’t move either.
  2. On the cloth surface of the clothes, spread heat transfer paper [this paper can be purchased in your favorite color or customized].
  3. Hot press for 3-5 seconds.

There is another method: first embossing, then screen printing, and printing the color with ink, but it is limited to a single color. If multiple colors are required, it is relatively more complicated. 

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Tie-dye T-shirt

Tie-dyeing was called Zhaval, twisted, clipped and dyed in ancient times. It is a traditional and unique dyeing process of the Han people. A dyeing method in which the fabric is partially ligated so that it cannot be colored during dyeing. It is one of the traditional Chinese manual dyeing techniques.

The tie-dyeing process is divided into two parts: tie-dyeing and dyeing. It uses yarn, thread, rope and other tools to bind, sew, tie, tie, and clip the fabric and then dye it. [1] The characteristic of its craft is a printing and dyeing technique in which the printed fabric is twisted into knots with threads, and then printed and dyed, and then the twisted threads are removed. It has more than one hundred variations of techniques, each with its own characteristics. For example, the “roll up and twist” is rich in color, natural changes, and endless fun. What is even more surprising is that tie each kind of flower, even if there are thousands of them, they will not appear the same after they are dyed. This unique artistic effect is difficult to achieve by the mechanical printing and dyeing process.

Fluorescence T-shirt printing

Fluorescence: The color of the pattern is bright and at the same time it has the characteristics of comfort and softness. It can be displayed in a normal environment.

Displays very bright colors, and can also refract very bright fluorescence under special short-wave light sources. Such as some KTV, bars

When you need to customize work clothes for employees, you can choose this kind of craft.

The best choice for sex or night runners and night riders, it is an indispensable tool for active on-site atmosphere.

Fluorescence T-shirt printing

Reflective t-shirt printing

Reflective: The reflective process can be divided into two types, the gray reflective effect is very strong, and the white reflective effect is weaker than the gray reflective effect.

It is eye-catching and can also serve as a warning. It is most suitable for patterns that need to highlight patterns or have eye-catching effects.

Luminous t-shirt printing

Can be made in green, sky blue, orange, pink, can emit light for 5 hours, and can emit light in the dark after being illuminated by a light source.

Gives a special visual effect. Escape rooms and wearing such clothes in nightclubs can’t be cooler.
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Pearly t-shirt printing

Pearly: It has a metallic texture and can be used in basically all colors. It has a pearl-like luster and a special texture of a metal plate. It also has acid resistance, high temperature resistance and fastness. It is more low-key and restrained than imitation gold and silver. It uses luminous crystal paste to print on the surface of the fabric. To achieve the existing color and luster, it is most suitable for dark cultural shirts.

Embossed color print

3D T-shirt printing

3D thick plate: All colors can be made, and the lines are required to be thicker. The default thickness is 0.4mm (a business card). This process is derived from glue On the basis of the paste, multiple printing techniques are used to achieve a distinct effect of high and low levels, and the printing feels bumpy of picture. Contact T-shirt manufacturer! +
dandy print

Discharge T-shirt printing

Pull out also call discharge printing, that is, printing on the colored surface, but the background color of the printed part will be changed to the color of the new pattern.

Imitation discharge printing: soft hand feeling, high fastness, bright color, suitable for dark bottom shirts, hand feeling softer than glue. Discharge printing: destroy the background color of the fabric, print the pattern, and truly make the printing in the fabric.

Optically variable T-shirt printing

The background color is white, and the variation supports: red, purple, blue, sky blue, green, orange, and yellow. This is a new way of T-shirt printing, using special materials that were originally used for printing on other materials on T-shirts.

Temperature change t-shirt printing

Temperature change: The temperature change effect is very cool, but the raw materials are expensive, the cost is relatively high, and the design requirements are relatively high. group

Customization is not very recommended, but if it is applied to DIY, it is a very worthwhile craft.

Suede foam t-shirt printing

Suede foam/high density foam: This printing process has a full sense of three-dimensionality. This process is a good choice when a monochrome pattern is required to enhance the texture.

Hand drawing T-shirt

Hand-painted printing is to draw on the T-shirt with a pen manually. The general pigments used are textile dyes and acrylic paints.

Because it is hand-painted, the experience and technology of the painter have a great influence on the entire printing process. Once it is wrong, it will be inconvenient.

The change is mainly used for occasions with special commemorative significance, so the cost of paint and handwork for hand-painted T-shirts is very high.

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