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Cotton is a natural fiber that stands out when compared to synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, or elastane. Cotton plants are grown on farms and have been used to make fabric for thousands of years. Also, because more and more people have become aware of the dangers of producing and wearing synthetic fibers, cotton clothing has grown in popularity in recent years. Furthermore, sustainable manufacturers that realize the need for environmental preservation now make even better cotton garments. But that’s not all there is to cotton clothing. In reality, cotton clothing has many benefits, and we would like to share the best ones with you. Therefore, here are some of the reasons to start wearing more cotton.

Cotton is safe

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. It’s a soft and comfortable material often used to make medical items such as gauze, swabs, and bandages. Additionally, because cotton is so gentle on the skin, it is used for producing baby items. For instance, there are sheets, towels, bibs, diapers, and, of course, clothing items that you can find. So if cotton is safe for your baby’s skin, it is obviously safe for yours. As a result, if you know you are allergic to synthetic fibers, choose natural clothing made of cotton. You will feel like wearing a cloud.

Babe dressed in cotton clothing.

Cotton controls moisture

Cotton fabrics can absorb moisture up to one-fifth of their weight in water. That translates to cotton clothing absorbing moisture from your body like a towel when you sweat. It doesn’t matter if you sweat because of a workout or just because it’s hot outside. Cotton will do its job just as well. However, cotton will make you feel much more comfortable while exercising and keep moisture from building up and dripping. As a result, whenever you want to jog, work out, or do some yoga, wear sweatpants or yoga pants made of cotton. Your skin will breathe properly, and the pants will absorb the moisture, keeping it dry.

However, if you need to relocate to a new home, pack your workout cotton clothes with care. Wash them and dry them well before you prepare them for transport to avoid them from getting damaged. If you pack cotton clothes while they are still moist, you risk unpacking them moldy. Also, ensure you use proper packing materials that allow cotton to breathe. If the packaging they are in does not ventilate, the fabric might become fragile and deteriorate more quickly. Hopefully, these tips for shipping clothes will help you maintain their perfect condition.

Cotton is easy to maintain

Natural fabrics are generally low-maintenance. Cotton, in particular, stands out. Because it is a very absorbent material, it’s easy to remove spills from it. Just use the cleaning product recommended by the clothes manufacturer, and your cotton clothes will do the rest. Also, you don’t need to dry-clean your cotton garments, and you can put them in the washer and dryer with no problems. However, you need to use a different program for washing cotton, such as the delicate one. Usual washing cycles can be rough on cotton fabric and cause it to tear. Moreover, cotton clothing has more low-maintenance benefits as it rarely needs ironing and is ready to use immediately after drying.

Clothes on a clothes wrack.

Cotton is very resistant.

Synthetic materials can be a cause of worry after a few washes. Clothes made of such materials can start deteriorating, stretching, and tearing. With 100% cotton clothes, you don’t have to worry about such things. Even after years of wearing and washing, cotton keeps its shape and looks exactly like the day you bought it. So, if made of cotton, your favorite t-shirts or summer dresses can last you for a lifetime. And if you move houses over the years, you will want your finest clothing to come with you. In that case, you should follow the advice of experts from Easy Move KW and pack your clothing using the best materials. Shipping boxes and mailers, for instance, are a great option. Also, for delicate clothing, you can use packing paper and bags.

Cotton keeps you cool or warm.

Cotton clothing has other incredible benefits, whether for summer or winter. During the summer, cotton can keep your skin cool and let it breathe. For instance, if you wear a dress made of cotton, the tiny pores in the fabric allow your skin to ventilate and receive enough air. That way, your skin breathes enough, doesn’t hold moisture, and doesn’t get irritated. Also, if you wear cotton underwear combined with your dress, you prevent yeast infections from developing.

Underwear made of polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fabrics can hold moisture and have static cling, which can become dangerous for your health. Not to mention that such products are mostly chemically treated with bleaches and dyes. As a result, you can also have allergic reactions to them.

During the winter, cotton clothes can protect against the cold. Its fibers keep the fabric away from the skin, thus trapping air between the skin and the clothes. That creates an insulating barrier that keeps you warm and comfortable even in the lowest temperatures.

Person wearing a light dress with a pattern on it

Cotton doesn’t smell or hold smells.

Odors can become a problem if you wear clothes made out of leather, polyester, or blends. If you are cooking, working out, or making a campfire, all the bad smells can get entrapped in the fibers of these materials. The worst part is that even after washing them, the odors can still be there. On the other hand, if you wear cotton, even if it can catch some of the smells, you can easily wash them off. Also, even if it’s a natural material, cotton doesn’t smell at all. Therefore, you can wear hoodies right after you buy them, without having to wash them first. We can guarantee they won’t release any strange smells while you wear them.

Cotton never goes out of fashion.

Cotton has always been a versatile fabric. As a result, it can always be in fashion no matter what style you prefer. You can make sportswear out of it, evening dresses, or elegant shirts, and you will feel comfortable in any of them. Furthermore, cotton clothing comes in many colors and textures, from natural to corduroy or chambray. And even if some of them are more expensive than others, there will always be an option that can suit your budget.


There are many more reasons for cotton to be one of the best textiles. However, we are glad we listed some of the most important ones and hope we convinced you of the benefits of wearing cotton clothing. So ditch all your synthetic clothes and make more room for cotton in your wardrobe. We guarantee that you will feel much better wearing more cotton.



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