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Clothing manufacturer serviceprice catalog

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We are professional custom apparel manufacturer in China, activewear is one of our main product series includes yoga clothing, yoga pants, sports bra, fitness wear, leggings, gym clothes, workout clothes, athletic wear, seamless activewear etc. The clothing factory manufactures the top grade high-quality activewear for international customers. As sportswear manufacturer and legging manufacturers in China, we have worked for many famous activewear brands worldwide. Our clothing factory established national industry center of expertise, there are many activewear textiles industry experts, our activewear products represents the highest level of the world, bringing together the world’s strongest team and the most experienced technical in our sportswear factory.

Activewear wholesale manufacturers

Advantages buy from activewear wholesale manufacturer

Buy from us wholesale readymade activewears:

  • The top brand quality, better than top brand quality, but lower prices, no development cost, low MOQ, no MOQ, private label etc.
  • We are factory produced leggings for famous legging brands Lululemon, Nike, etc.
  • We know the fabric quality and workmanship for high-quality fitness products.
  • We provide the same quality, better quality, best quality products than top brands.
  • We provide lower prices, lower minimum order quantity, wholesale available.
  • Top grade high-quality products
  • Readymade in-stock wholesale
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Private label acceptable
  • Factory direct supply
  • Competitive prices
  • You don’t have to pay the development cost for newest high-quality materials, we provide you all of them.
  • You don’t have to worry the quality of the products, we provide the higher quality than top brands.
  • You don’t have to worry the cost, we provide you prices much cheaper than famous brands.Welcome to contact activewear manufacturer! +

Our service

  • For wholesale supply readymade activewear we provide various services as follows:
  • Private label acceptable
  • Remove original label service
  • Blank clothing no label supply
  • Brand Hang tags
  • Custom heather transfer label
  • Satin label
  • Woven label
  • Rubber label etc.
  • All the above service base on different customer’s requirements, because we are factory produces the activewear by ourself, so please feel free to tell us your requirements, our service not limited above, almost all your reasonable requirements our factory can provide.
  • As activewear factory manufacturer we provide custom bulk order production service, OEM, ODM, Bespoke service, these orders with MOQ, main for the big quantity order customers, such as the fashion brands, stores, supermarket, apparel companies etc. professional garment buyers.

How to buy from us (the active wear wholesale catalog from yoga clothing wholesale supplier)?

If you buy readymade wholesale activewear, yoga clothing, leggings, fitness, workout wear, sportswear from our catalogs, please refer to below:

  1. All the designs/styles are readymade in warehouse in-stock wholesale available.
  2. Low/No minimum order quantity for startup business new brands.
  3. You can mix different styles/colors/sizes in one order.
  4. Private label, customized logo minimum order quantity 100pieces.
  5. The warehouse in stock available quantity updates every day, keep running production designs, please just order any designs you like.
  6. Private label/Custom/OEM/ODM/Bespoke bulk order acceptable.

7.Please send the style number/Color/Size/quantity to us, our phone number/WhatsApp/WeChat: 86 13761921985  Email:[email protected]; [email protected]

If you buy custom design bulk order, OEM/ODM/Bespoke/Brand long term cooperation, please just contact us directly via [email protected]

Yoga clothing wholesale supplier’s catalog

Naked feel fabric yoga series

At present, apart from the Lululemon naked feel fabric(NULU) yoga series, we are the only genuine naked feel fabric in the market, the same knitting machines, same knitting technical, same dyeing and finishing process as Lululemon’s NULU series of naked feel fabric qualities.

Our naked feel fabric named NULS(80% nylon 20% spandex), it is skin-friendly, nude and lightweight. It can be worn all over our body without any burden. Dedicated to practice, this nude fabric will be used more in Yoga Styles clothing, as well as daily wear. Our naked feel fabric Nuls series have the same characteristic as Lululemon’s Nulu fabric quality, but Lulu’s Nulu fabric quality official mentioned this Nulu fabric with pilling defect, but our factory technical perfect solving the pilling defects by cut the hair shorter increased the density, no pilling defects, but retain a naked feel soft and waxy feel quality. This is the best naked feel fabric you can get worldwide, this fabric main use for making yoga clothes, and regular/mild exercise garments, such as yoga, Pilates, basic exercises clothes, jogging etc.
Download yoga clothing wholesale suppliers’ catalog-NULS Yoga styles! + 

Women's activewear wholesale catalog

FPS(Full Power Series) Our factory’s FPS(Full Power Series) fabric is 69% nylon 31% spandex RIB fabric. This fabric is developed in accordance with Full Powe series. It has the same excellent supporting effect and can better stabilize the muscle core. The inner layer is soft and delicate, and the outer stripe is clear, which enriches the product category and solves the problem that the conventional plain weave fabric has no lines. More suitable for fitness and daily leisure sports functional clothing requirements. Download women’s activewear wholesale catalog! +  

Fitness wear wholesale catalogue

BR-LUX series

This is a classic activewear fabric quality. Nude(Naked feeling) fabrics mostly refer to this fabric. The finished fabric quality is smooth to the touch, dense, no transparent/not see-through, and moderately supported. We usually also call it shapewear double side nylon fabric, the shaping effect is very good, and it is generally used in physical training clothing, such as: fitness, running, aerobics, dance and other hot sweat training and other medium-intensity sportswear fields. The fabric composition is 75% Nylon 25% spandex, and the fabric gram weight is basically 220GSM, and a few parts are 240GSM.
Download BR-LUX series- Fitness wear wholesale catalogue! +

S&S activewear wholesale catalog

SS activewear series

The fabric quality for this SS series activewear composition of 80% nylon and 20% spandex looks the same as NULS fabric quality, but the fabric characteristics are different due to different weaving techniques. This fabric inherits NULS lightness and has certain supporting/sharpwear effect. It is usually used in yoga and training beginner clothing products with high yield/productivity and high-cost performance, which is more suitable for making running big quantity orders.
Download S&S activewear wholesale catalog! +

Wholesale workout clothes catalog

Full Power series

This full power high stretch design styles make by fabric with rich spandex, the composition is 69% nylon 31% spandex. Our factory developed this fabric quality for LULULEMON’s Full On-Luxtreme series of same fabrics, the same imported yarn and weaving process, good perspiration, with four-way stretch/elasticity, good shaped/support and coverage/non-transparent, cool and smooth to the touch, suitable for High-intensity sports apparel.

Download Full Power series Wholesale workout clothes catalog! +

Download 10 yoga clothing wholesale catalog

NULS AIR Yoga series

Nuls Air series fabric materials introduction. NULS AIR naked feeling fabrics are upgrade quality of Nuls fabric, but using imported Italian yarn, the fabric has no sueded/brushing, but its special is to bring their own sense of fluffy hair yarn, textile technology inherited NULS nude fabric method, and retain the NULS soft waxy feel, naked feeling above have tender support, feel is more thick, better covered / Not transparent at all, Better texture, with its own non-ironing process, suitable for offline and high-end activewear brand lines, cost-effective, gold spandex ratio 81% nylon19% Spandex.
Download Yoga clothing wholesale catalog / NULS AIR Yoga series! +

Excel format catalogs with more clear pictures

The above catalogs is PDF files, you can review online, or download them.

The PDF format catalogs size small with pictures not clear enough.

If you want to see clear pictures of the products, please download the excel format catalogs from below link, they includes more clear pictures.

Download the excel format catalog with more clear pictures-300designs! +

Download the excel format catalog with more clear pictures-100designs! +

Download the excel format catalog with more clear pictures-80designs! +



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  1. There are so many fashion activewear catalogs, thank you.

    • Yes, welcome to contact us for any activewear, yoga wear, or sportswear you need. thank you.

  2. You good? Am looking for a supplier for gym clothing, can you send me catalogs?

  3. Hi, you doing I really like what I see as far as the quality for your leggings. There are so many activewear catalogues. I’m in the process of designing my own custom leggings line and I have a question(s) does your company offer any type of print on demand services for an e-commerce website? I ‘ll be launching my leggings e-commerce website in a couple of weeks and I’m looking for a quality company like yours hoping you have any print on demand services. Can you please get back ASAP when you get a chance, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you and have a great day.

    • Dear Patrick,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      All the products in our activewear catalogues are available.
      Yes, we offer print-on-demand services.
      Our production team will contact you soon.
      Please advise more details about your requirements, order quantity info etc.
      Thank you.

  4. TJ Argento

    I am designing a new legging that I would like to discuss with you. I have a tech pack currently but it may need some adjustments. Can you please get back to me to discuss. Thank you,


  5. Hi,
    Hope this email finds you well.

    My name is Agustina, and I am currently in search of a factory capable of manufacturing high-quality and sustainable activewear clothing. After thorough research, I came across your company and am interested in exploring the possibility of availing your activewear production services. Before proceeding further, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in clarifying a few queries:
    MOQ: What is your Minimum Order Quantity?
    Production Time: How long does production typically take?
    Shipping: Can you provide the shipping costs to Spain & Portugal?
    Custom Designs: Do you accept custom designs for production?
    Sustainable Fabrics: Do you use sustainable fabrics in the products?
    I look forward to your prompt response.
    Best regards,

    • Dear Agustina,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      We are professional activewear factory can meet all your requirements.

      Please see my reply to you, thank you.

      MOQ: What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

      @@ The minimum order quantity main depend on the fabric availability, if there are ready made fabric we can order/source to use your styles, the MOQ can be very low such as 100pieces. If we need to knitting/weaving/dyeing the fabric, there is a fabric MOQ normally thousands of meters, so the garment MOQ will higher. If there are ready made griege fabric we only dye it, the MOQ only hundreds of meters, the MOQ will better than special order fabric.

      Production Time: How long does production typically take?

      @@ 1week-several weeks depend on the order quantity and production process etc.

      Shipping: Can you provide the shipping costs to Spain & Portugal?

      @@ For shipping, ready-made in-stock wholesale supply can be courier, air, fast vessel, train, sea shipping etc. According to the order quantity, shipping time required, cost want to pay for shipping. Customized/OEM bulk production order mainly ship by sea, some of them ship by air, very urgently order ship by air. Courier need 3-5days about 8$ per piece, air about 10days, fast vessel about 2-3weeks about 1$ or less per piece, train and sea container need 4-8weeks, different country need different time especially by sea.

      Custom Designs: Do you accept custom designs for production?

      @@ Yes, we are custom activewear manufacturer.

      Sustainable Fabrics: Do you use sustainable fabrics in the products?

      @@ Yes, all the custom sustainable fabrics can be used for your products.

      Thank you.

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