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We will introduce everything you need to know about wholesale summer dresses, especially some manufacturer suppliers in China, US, EU and UK etc.

Summer is a long season in many countries and if you are thinking of starting a new business then selling of women’s dresses is going to make you have a lot of profit. Before you start weaving the dream of being a businessman selling summer clothes there are certain key components that you should focus as well.

Custom dress manufacturer in China

The basics of summer dresses marketing are all your products will be sold at the speed of hot pancakes if your quality and collection are good and it will only have a high selling point during summers. 

So for selling summer dresses, you need to offer products that are of good quality and with vibrant prints that can synchronize properly with the summer vibes. 

Prices are also a great factor in order to get a strong foothold in the market and which is why to make sure you are purchasing it from wholesale places so that you can provide the products to customers at pocket-friendly prices.

Tips for work with the wholesale dresses manufacturers

When you are purchasing the summer dresses there are certain factors that you will have to keep in mind in order to create a unique collection. Here are some tips that you need to follow:

  1. Never forget that quality is very important because if you are selling cheap quality products at cheap prices then the potential customers are not going to make the purchase from your website again.
  1. The trend is also important because different websites will sell collections launched for summers and which is why, make sure you are purchasing it from websites that have suppliers from different places which will help in maintaining uniqueness.
  2. A reliable wholesale dress manufacturer factory supplier partner can help you get quality products, fast shipping service and competitive prices, so that’s important for your business.

Best 10 dress wholesale suppliers in China/US/UK/EU

When it comes to wholesale dresses orders for your business, the best place to get both quality and cheapness products may be China dress manufacturers.


ApparelCN is a leading global dress wholesaler and custom clothing manufacturer from China. They have global reach servicing customers in more than 200 countries. 


It offers full catalogs, including high-quality dresses, cheap clothes, hoodies, t-shirts, jogger pants, sweatpants, track pants, leggings and fabric & accessories, textiles products, pajama, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500,000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.


It’s a very considerate supplier for covering low-end to high-end products lines at wholesale price. Such as purchase clothing from this wholesale distributor, you can buy tops in $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40. We have the big merchandising team provide you full support organized the best suitable products for you.


What’s more, ApparelCN provides extra valuable services. 


This wholesaler offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores like Amazon, eBay, shopify or any other online shopping platform. That will save much time for you to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better. There are many Shopify sellers work with us get big volume sales for many products.


We offer low minimum order quantity support the startup clothing business.


It has professional teams to choose trendy products that will sell well. Most store owners get crazy and have no idea which products should sell. ApparelCN’ team do the market search and add those data-proved hot sell in site every day. 


Also, Unlike Alibaba/Made-in-China is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Our clothing factory has highly trained QC teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers. 
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Established in 1999, Alibaba International Station is a cross-border e-commerce platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to expand international trade export marketing and promotion services. It shows and promotes suppliers’ enterprises and products to overseas buyers, and then obtains trade opportunities and orders. It is one of the preferred network platforms for export enterprises to expand international trade.

Alibaba is one of the biggest suppliers of wholesale products and it is the perfect place for summer clothes shopping. It has suppliers from different corners of the world, which helps in making the products from this website more unique. 

It will offer you with bulk discounts if you are opting for bulk purchase and which is why for starting your business it is the right website. It offers flexible shipping and returns policies and the prices are also affordable. It provides great variety and uniqueness at a pocket-friendly price and which is why it has collaborated with several marketers for providing wholesale products.

3. Loominous

The fashion industry is fragmented, chaotic, unpredictable and we know how hard it is to navigate this space but you don’t have to be doing it alone.

Whether you are an existing business or apparel startup brand looking for assistance, we offer a one-stop solution including designs, technical drawings, digital patterns to production all to help you and your business.

4. Shangyun (Guangzhou) Fashion

Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. We adhere to the management principles of “quality first, customer first and credit-based” since the establishment of the company and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with an irresistible force.

5.Xinyang textiles clothing

Wujiang Xinyang Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional silk dresses apparel and accesorries manufactory. It is located in the famous silk town, Shengze town, which close to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou city, all about one and half hours by car.
We offer the “OEM” and “ODM” sevices for customers. Can make the sample accordingly with free.
Company′s main products:
Apparel: Silk dresses, pajamas, silk fashion dress, cotton dress, etc.
Accesorries: Silk scarf, silk eye mask, silk scrunchies, silk pillowcase. etc.
The personalized customization, support the small batch, have stock colors.
We sincerely known the concerns that textile manufacture must deal with: Customers demands, quality of products, competitiveness and relationship. We take your concerns are our concerns and solve all for you.
“Continuous innovation, quality first” is our principle. We are committed to developing new products and providing you with fast, efficient and friendly service.

By looking into the name of the website you can understand that it has already excelled in the field of providing beautiful dresses that are of premium quality. Each of the products is having excellent quality and every product is different in terms of uniqueness and style. 


If you are starting your business of summer dresses then this is the right website from where you should make the purchase. It will offer you with great quality products at a great price so it is popular among several customers who want to purchase it at wholesale prices. It offers flexible shipping and returns policies.

Wholesale Central is the perfect destination for budding businesses who want to purchase a quality product at wholesale prices. It does not offer products for consumer sale and it is only restricted to the business or wholesalers. 


If you want to start your business then you should definitely contact them and check their products. They try to maintain a unique variety and provides greater flexibility to businessman so that they can complete their purchase in a hassle-free manner. Even if it provides the product at wholesale prices, but it still ensures that quality and style are not getting compromised.

Rosewholesale is not only the perfect place for businesses purchasing the wholesale product, but also to many consumers because they provide extensive varieties of summer dresses at a very affordable price. It is not only providing products at a cheap price, but it is also maintaining quality and variety at the same place. 


It will also allow you to make payments through various modes and you will get several shipping and return policies that will help you in making flexible purchases. You can also avail the bulk discounts whenever you are making the bulk purchase and it is continuously offering great discounts as well in order to help you to get the steal deal.

If you want to grab the attention of all the potential customers by selling the summer dresses then make sure you are creating the collection by purchasing it from a wholesale fashion square. It not only provides varieties of products having different and unique styles, but it has everything at very pocket-friendly prices. 


It is one of the major reasons why businessman is collaborating with this website for getting their wholesale products. This website is not only reliable but is also going to help you to avail great discounts as well. It has several safe methods for making the purchase.

Just from the name you can understand that this website believes in following the trend and which is why for every season they are stocking products that are very trendy and are affordable. 


It has an extensive range of summer clothes which are of good material and quality. If you’re thinking of starting a business of summer dresses or clothing, then this is a perfect place where you should collaborate in order to get every product at wholesale prices. Apart from getting discounts on bulk purchases, you can also avail the discount for season sales as well.

Where to buy wholesale Summer Dresses in bulk from the UK?

The UK is one of those places that are obsessed with summer dresses and they believe in wearing trendy clothes. So if you want to set up your business in the UK and you want to purchase wholesale summer dresses then you need to find out wholesale websites in China or other countries dress manufacturer. 


Some of the reliable websites are and that are providing shipping to several countries and it has an extensive collection of summer dresses as well.

Wholesale Dresses suppliers/manufacturers in Canada?

For every summer we try to stock up our wardrobe with the latest clothes and it is only possible if we are making a purchase from the right places. 


If you are from Canada then you will get several websites that are providing shipping facilities to Canada and some of the reliable websites to make to purchase are and They have an extensive collection of trendy clothes and they will provide your product at wholesale prices as well.

Wholesale Summer Dresses in Australia?

If you’re from Australia then it will be quite hard for you to find out the reliable websites that are shipping to this place. We all love summer clothes and which is why if you are thinking of purchasing from websites that offer wholesale prices then you can browse certain websites like and 


As they have collaborated with several businesses for providing their products hence there are high chances that they will ship to your place as well. 

Where to buy cheap wholesale Summer Dresses in India?

Summer dresses are quite popular in India because it experiences a very hot and humid summer because of the climatic condition and which is why if you are selling summer clothes in India then you have a huge market. 


Well, you need to maintain the quality and ensure that all the summer clothes are trendy in order to grab the attention of the potential customers and which is why for buying cheap wholesale summer dress you can opt for the websites like and They have suppliers from Asian countries as well and which is why there are high chances that they will ship to India as well.


Women’s dresses should be vibrant and unique in their own way. There many websites that are selling trendy clothes designed by several well-known people at a very affordable price which make fashion very easily. The reliable dress manufacturer and factory supplier important for your business.


We are the leading professional dress manufacturer and factory supplier in China, welcome to contact us for one-stop service/support for your dress business. 
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