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Clothing manufacturer service

Apparelcn is a leading OEM clothing manufacturer in China, our factory establish in 1999 provide one-stop garment manufacturing service from design, development, sampling, fabric & accessories sourcing, bulk production and global shipping etc. 

Explain: OEM(original equipment manufacturer) clothing manufacturer, simple explanation is buyer design it, factory make it.

OEM clothing customer/buyer: Provides garment tech pack, size measurements specs, design artwork, brand label/logo, packing instruction etc.

OEM clothing manufacturer/factory: Completely follow buyer’s requirements sourcing materials (fabric & accessories), arrange materials production, garment cut, sewing, packing and shipping etc. responsible the whole clothing manufacturing process.

OEM clothing manufacturer in China

OEM Clothing manufacturer introduction

Apparelcn is a leading OEM clothing manufacturer in China, which is a famous local clothing manufacturer. Well-equipped facilities, such as automatic cutting bed, spreading machine, sewing machine, ironing table, Needle detector, and excellent quality control throughout stages of production. Short production time and delivery time us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Establish time: Since 1999, focus on OEM clothing manufacturing for 20 + years.

Output: 8 million units per year, 3 days for samples, 30 days for bulk.

Developing: Set up sourcing and developing center.

Factory advantages: 3 fully-owned computerized man-aged factories; 20 automatic hanging sewing lines; 4800cubic meters Intelligent hanging warehouse; 3D design pattern system.

Partner: Free country all over the world, Wal-Mart, Flabella, YKK, PUMA, Nordstrom, Kohls etc.

Verification: Wrap, IS09001, Smeta, PVH, Costco, Disney and Zara etc.

our garment factory produced many kinds of fashion clothing, dresses, shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings etc.

At the present, our fashion company can produce 8-10 million pieces garments per year, exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany and other countries.

We provide customized logo, packing, colors and customized products. We also provide all kinds of shipping ways, such as express, by sea, by air, by train with competitive prices.

Perfect sales service concept and high-quality products and competitive prices make our company’s products have a high reputation to customers.

We specialize in offering a series of custom apparel manufacturing with professional OEM clothing manufacture service for all customers.

If you are interested in us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you.

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OEM clothing manufacturer advantages

Fast and Efficient OEM clothing manufacturer

Quality samples both fabric and accessories can submit within a week.

OEM garment fit sample in 1-3days.

All the emails from oversea replied within 24hours.

Production time: 30-60 days for the regular order quantity.

Full support accepts both regular production time orders & rush time orders.

China apparel manufacturer for small quantity

High Quality & Cost-effective OEM garment factory

Our OEM garment factory build with top-grade equipment and experienced sewing workers, designers, QC(Quality Assurance), merchandisers and shipping teams.

We have special quality controllers to check every piece once finished by sewing workers. During the production period, we also check the products semi-finished.
Full procedure can be controlled from the raw fabric sourcing, threads, other accessories, sewing machines, digital printing machine, heat transfer machine and so on in one stop factory to assure the top quality. Directly work with our fabric and accessories suppliers, factory price without any extra cost.

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Flexible order quantity OEM clothing manufacturer for startups

We accept flexible order quantity, if the fabric we can order small quantity, the garment quantity small order is acceptable; if we have the readymade fabric in warehouse, you can order 100pieces OEM clothing order with your own design. Our clothing factory has many production lines and it is more flexible for us to arrange regular time orders and rush time orders both. If you need ODM clothing manufacture service, our design team providing various design based on the clients’ requirements. We can fix the design by our designers at the first time to meet the clients’ requirements.

Scientific Management & Professional Team OEM apparel factory

As the leading apparel factory in China, relying on our scientific professional management team and first-class factory facilities, we provide one-stop clothing manufacture service, from development, materials sourcing, garment sampling and clothing bulk production and global shipping etc. Our fashion manufacturer factory in China has more than twenty years experiences production various garments for worldwide fashion brands.

OEM clothing our factory produced

OEM dress manufacturing

OEM shirt manufacturing

OEM Polo t-shirt manufacturers

OEM hoodies manufacturer

High quality hoodie manufacturers China

Frequently asked questions for OEM Clothing manufacturer China

Question: What is your minimum order quantity for OEM clothing order?

Answer: Our recommended minimum order quantity is 1000pcs/model for OEM. Considering your sales situation, we can customize different colors for you, but the same style garments, about 1000 pieces, is the most cost-effective. 300 pieces we can also customize for you, but the cost will be higher than 1000 pieces. If there are fabric yards available, we can do small order quantity OEM order and cost also low.

Question: How do you arrange OEM fashion order production?

Answer: We will arrange the production line reasonably according to the order quantity. If the style is complicated and the order is large, then we will arrange a large line of about 30-50 people to produce. If your order is relatively small, then we will arrange a small production line with about 10 people to produce.

Apparel factory fabric dyeing equipment

Question: What you need for OEM garment order?

Answer: Normally you can provide the tech packs, design artworks, measurement specifications, size ration, design artworks for print, accessories artworks etc. The move digital files from you, the more exact clothing products for you.

Question: I have a clothing photo; can you produce it?

Answer: We can make pattern based on your photos, but you need to provide a size table. Or we support you make the size chart for you. And cooperate with us to choose fabrics and accessories. After the samples come out, we need to communicate to make improvements, and then proof again to confirm. This is a very long and complicated process that requires the understanding and patience of both parties.

Question: What is your maximum production capacity for OEM fashion orders?

Answer: We are good at mass production of basic design clothing. Our monthly production capacity can reach 1 million pieces. If your order is very large and the delivery time is very tight, we can coordinate the partners to achieve your target delivery.

bulk garment production cutting Question: I like one of your white-label garments and blank clothing, but can I change the color?

Answer: Changing the color requires re-production. We need to purchase fabrics and accessories for you again. To manufacturer, the process is the same as the production of bulk goods. If the quantity is not large, we do not recommend changing the color. The MOQ for changing the color is 300pieces or more, and the price will be higher than the normal blank jacket. We need to calculate the specific price according to the style and quantity.

Question: I hope to print my own brand on the blank garments, can I?

Answer: Generally speaking, it’s depended on the actual designs and fabric quality etc. we can print your logo or brand for single-layer clothes, and we can also embroider your brand for you. It is not recommended to print double-layer clothes, because the printing process is due to the lining and face cloth. Friction between two fabrics will have a destructive effect on the printing effect.

18 types t-shirt fabrics and knit fabric types

Question:  Is it possible to provide standard modification services?

Answer: Yes, for our white-label garments, normally we will reserve an empty hem at the back of the neck so that you can sew your logo. For the standard change service, we will ask customers to pay for the production cost of the trademark, because we do not produce trademarks, we need to purchase trademarks.

OEM clothing manufactures in China/Europe/USA/UK

If you are local in Europe/USA/UK and want to do your OEM clothing orders, there are advantages for OEM clothing manufactures in Europe and disadvantages compare with overseas clothing manufacturers in China/India/Vietnam/Turkey etc.

Advantages of OEM clothing manufacturers in Europe/USA/UK

  • Production closer to company head office or customer located
  • Easy transportations and delivery bulk clothing
  • Garment production lead time become short
  • Duty there are import duty can be saved
  • Quality assurance, you can come to factory do quality inspection
  • Payment: Pay directly in your home currency

Disadvantages of OEM clothing manufacturers in Europe/USA/UK

  • Cost is higher than OEM clothing manufacturers in China/India/Vietnam/Turkey
  • Less factories can be chosen as supplier or partner
  • The fabric qualities and accessories may from China/India/Vietnam/Turkey
  • If import raw materials the production time will longer

What’s different between OEM clothing manufacturer and ODM clothing manufacturer?

OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)means buyer design the clothing, factory manufacture the clothing.

ODM(Original Design Manufacturer)means factory design and manufacture the clothing, but put buyer’s brand logo/labels.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The OEM transaction relationship is a buyer-seller relationship. The buyer and OEM supplier are the brand owner and OEM Manufacturer respectively. Therefore, OEM means, from the buyer’s point of view, the act of outsourcing production to the market in the form of an existing product (under its own brand); From the point of view of the supplier, it is to produce the other party’s brand products according to the requirements of the buyer and the other party is responsible for the sale of the transaction form; The sales channel and brand advantage of the buyer and the manufacturing advantage of the supplier together constitute the overall competitive advantage of the product and bring practical benefits to both sides. OEM is commonly known as “OEM production” or “OEM production”. In China, due to different understanding, regional cultural differences and other factors, OEM is also called “commissioned production”, “commissioned processing”, “OEM manufacturing”, production outsourcing and so on. Although the names are different, their essence is the original unit (brand owner) entrust the contract to carry out product development and manufacturing, with the original unit trademark, by the original unit sales business production mode. This business model has worked well internationally for many years. OEM actually represents an idea of division of labor and refinement of competition, the core of which is that enterprises should “do what they are best at”.

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). ODM refers to a manufacturer design a product, in some cases may be other enterprises take a fancy to, with the latter’s brand name to produce, or slightly modify the design to produce. This allows other manufacturers to reduce their own development time. The manufacturer that undertakes design and manufacture business is called ODM manufacturer, the product that it produces is ODM product. The product scheme designed by the manufacturer can be provided to the brand owner in the form of buy-out or non-buy-out.



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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Felix, and I am the Garment Technician (women’s wear) for an Australian-based supplier of garments to a client base.
    We are sourcing OEM clothing manufacturers for a long dress design. We develop the design and are looking for suppliers to produce the bulk order.
    Please contact us for the OEM tech packs of these dresses.
    Could you submit a FOB costing based on an order of 4,000 units across 2 colourways, (2,000 per colourway).
    The delivery date is for May of 2022, delivery to our Melbourne warehouse.
    Could you provide a FOB costing in $US. Please break down the costing with the following:
    l Labour cost
    l Fabric cost
    l Fabric cost per metre
    l Fabric estimates per set
    l Trim costs.
    I look forward to your response, prefer to work with the best OEM clothing manufacturer Europe/USA/China/Vietnam etc.

    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Felix,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We are the leading OEM clothing manufacturer in China.
      We can produce your dress with high-quality, very good prices and fast delivery.
      I will contact you for the tech packs.
      Thank you.

  2. Greetings!

    Hi! My name is Dianne. I am looking for OEM clothing manufacturers and wholesale apparel suppliers to start a small online business by selling your products.
    I would like to inquire about the following:

    1. Can I know your pricing for bulk orders (wholesaler price), including shipment to Malaysia
    2. Can we customize the product items for bulk orders

    Please advise and looking forward to doing business with you.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Dianne, we are the best OEM clothing manufacturer in China, our garment bulk order production team will contact with you directly, thank you.

  3. Geraldene koh


    We are looking for oem manufacturers as we want to produce a batch of t shirts with 4 to 5 designs with our company’s t shirt tag.

    Wondering how are the charges like?

    • Dear Geraldene,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Our production team will provide you detailed quotation directly.

  4. Hello,

    I came across your details by searching OEM clothing manufacturer online and keen to work with you.

    We are in the process of wanting to launch a clothing range that competes in the technical space. Initially our products will launch within motorsport which is outside and as you can image we will be starting and then growing in UK and Europe our apparel brand.

    We are looking for an OEM clothes manufacturer partner who can work with us at our initial launch phase and grow as we grow. With that being said, our orders initially will be 1000units and would like to enter the market with a range of garments. We need OEM service and also we are hoping you could help us technically with fabrics and can purchase “stock” items to help launch our brand.

    Hopefully you will be able to support us and look forward to speaking with you.

    We are ready to order garments immediately.


    • Dear Juliana,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Our team will contact you for further communication.
      We are a professional OEM garment manufacturer for worldwide apparel brands, we provide one-stop service for our apparel customers, and with our support a lot of new brands grow very fast. If you need custom/OEM/ODM clothes service, we are a reliable partner for you.
      Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We are looking for the Sports clothes like Hoodie , Jumper, T-Shirt , Polo Shirt , Tote bag and Apron with our printing logo, Please find attached specifications sheet for your reference we sent you by email.

    We need the OEM apparel support for this project.

    Qty : 1500 nos for each sub type OEM clothes

    For your further reference, please note the following.
    For any questions and queries Please let us know.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Stanley,

      Thanks for your message, our team has contacted you.
      We are a professional OEM fashion manufacturer.
      We can provide you with full OEM garments manufacture support to work out the high-quality apparel products together.

      As you have no tech packs for size measurement specs and workmanship technical etc. Professional support is important for you to avoid issues.

      I think the quality is important because you just order for your own company use, if you have comments about prices, prices can be negotiated, we have the ability to make the best prices for the same quality products worldwide.


  6. Dears,

    Firstly let me introduce myself.

    I am Leaphjy from Cambodia. I have an e-commerce platform and logistics from Thailand and China.

    I am importing products in trend and OEM some products.

    I am looking for an OEM clothing manufacturer in China that can support us as following :

    Our focus is women’s fashion, baby and kid fashion, baby and kid textiles products and garments, and adults apparel and appliance.
    We need a product that has a picture catalog and video because we only push sale so we will take picture and video from you to boost sale here in Cambodia.

    1. Have many SKU for us to choose.

    2. I will make an order of a sample product to put in our showroom and Livestream. So, I want to choose a product that you can send sample to us. We can purchase a sample from you as well if you are willing to work long term with us.

    Once we receive a sample in Cambodia. We will send a PO (purchase order) to you every week.

    3. I want to know after sending PO and deposit to you how long till the product arrives at our warehouse

    We have an address in China. You only need to ship the product to our china warehouse.

    4. I want to know the MOQ of each SKU too

    Thank you.


    • Dear Leaphjy,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We are the leading OEM clothing manufacturer in China, our factory provides OEM service for various clothes including kids’ clothing, adult apparel, women’s and men’s garments, etc.
      Our production team will contact you soon.
      Thank you.

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