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Clothing manufacturer service

Apparelcn one of the best Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in China

Best private label clothing manufacturer in China

ApparelCN is a professional custom clothing manufacturer in China for worldwide brands both big stores and small brands startups fashion brands. We meet your requirements of custom clothing manufacture, OEM clothing manufacturer, ODM garment suppliers, private label custom design apparel manufacture in China.

We are more than 20 years experiences in manufacturing garments for international customers/fashion brands, we know the requirements of each types of apparel orders, we understand the value of good clothing designs and how to achieve it.

As a leading private label clothing manufacturers in China, we focus on provide one-stop service for private label clothing manufacture requirements and customized clothing production requirements. This special service handles subsequent tasks such as designing and making tech-pack, sample development, bulk production, inspection, and logistics. Especially, we are strong on the sourcing and developing raw materials fabrics and accessories for the whole bulk order.

Best Custom Private Label Apparel Manufacturers in China

The best private label apparel manufacturer in China provides 2 types of service

  1. Factory designs ready-made in-stock wholesale clothing, factory remove the factory labels and hang tags, change to buyer/customer’s own labels and hang tages.
  2. Customer designs their own garments, customized fabric qualities and accessories, and put the customer’s private labels and tags on the clothing.

Ordering customized apparel can be risky if you don’t have industry-leading private label apparel manufacturers working for you. At Apparelcn, we are known for the high quality, comfortable clothing we make and the outstanding customer service we provide. Trust us with your private label bulk production order, and you will never have to worry about the colors or sizes being different during the wholes clothing manufacture process. 
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Various custom private labels garment manufacture service in China

Customized design private labels types

As the 22 years old private label clothing manufacturer in China, we have many garment label suppliers, we can provide you any kinds of private labels as your requirements, we can work with our suppliers provide you samples very quickly.

There are hundreds of different types of labels included satin labels, woven labels, heat transfer labels, PVC labels and reflective labels etc.

Customized private labels

Customized fabric quality for private label apparel manufacture

Apparelcn’s fabric sample room have thousands of fabric quality for all the custom private label clothing buyer selection, our fabric suppliers keeping updates and recommend new fabric quality every weeks, we update the new fabric qualities in showroom every season.

Customized trims and accessories

We do custom private label clothing can do customized labels, hang tags, price tags, inside carboard and packing bags. All the accessories can be customized private brands.

Garment accessories (support materials) include lining, stuffing, cushioning, sewing thread materials, fastening materials, decorative materials, zipper button webbing shoulder pads, lace interlining, lining cloth, hanger tag jewelry moldings, chalking, hook and loop fur , Trademark string, filler plastic accessories, metal accessories, packaging boxes and bags, printed bar codes and other related, etc.

Customized packing and packing materials

Work with the private label apparel manufacturers apparelcn, choose from a variety of customized services we offer. We can do custom screen printing, embroidery, and embellishing on any of our many fabric types and colors. You may also choose to introduce your own custom color. Our broad range of custom apparel services includes re-labeling and tear away labels, so regardless of the clothing item or your specific apparel needs, we are confident that we can create your ideal private label apparel. Check out our catalog to view a comprehensive list of the products and services we offer.

Wholesale private label clothing manufacturer in China

All the garment products in our website are ready-made, available for wholesale in-stock supply wholesale.

We provide the private label for the wholesale clothing products, based on the wholesale order quantity, the private labels can be labels, hang tags, packing bags etc.

Welcome to contact us to learn more about our custom private label clothing manufacture service and wholesale private label clothing manufacture service base in China.

Explain Private Label Clothing Manufacturing in China?

Private label clothing for your brand

Remove manufacturer’s tags & sew in your own branded label

According to the concept of private label apparel is easy to understand: “Private label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand name and labels.” (See Wikipedia) That means, while you sell your own branded clothing, you don’t have to produce the garments yourself. For companies, which previously were sewing the clothing themselves, this can have a big impact, as they are now able to spend more time in sales and marketing activities.

Work with a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer will always brand the garments with your labels, the design can either be yours or ours. That’s important for a new brand, a new brand also need private label clothing manufacturers for startups.

Why need Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in China?

Choosing a custom/private label apparel manufacturer is an important step. Once start cooperation with the manufacturer, it’s a long-term partnership between your fashion brand and our clothing manufacturer. One way to evaluate if there is a good match is to see if the clothing factory has made the types of clothing you are looking to manufacture. Which types of garments they are running in production etc.

Private label clothing production gives retailers a chance to create their own brand without having to design a garment product from scratch and have their own factory for bulk production. It offers the opportunity to grow as a business and allows for control over the look and style of the product; however, it is not without risk. By fully understanding the terms, processes, pitfalls and benefits you can better decide whether this is the route you wish to take for your own brands.

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Why the private label clothing manufacturer in China is the best option?

China as the biggest textiles and garments manufacturer and exporter in the world, any textiles and garment products/raw materials you can find and produced in China, any advanced production technical they are not available in other countries you can produce in the clothing manufacturers in China, there are completely textiles and apparel manufacturing and supply chain.

All your requirements can be achieved in China manufacturer’s factory, all the materials and technical are available in China market, the whole process of private clothing manufacture will be finished in one country can save much time give you fast delivery.

Types of private label clothing from manufacturer in China

Private Label T-Shirt/ Polo Shirts Manufacturer in China

Best private label T-shirt wholesale supplier and bulk T-shirt manufacturer, focus on fashionable and high-quality T-Shirts which provide wearers an outstanding comfort with supportive functions. Our factory always source and develop new kinds of premium quality fabric which are not only breathable, absorbent and quick-dry but also anti-bacteria, eco-friendly, super soft and smooth hand feel etc. We use the best suitable/correct fabric quality for all kinds of T-Shirt from Casual T-Shirt, Plain T-Shirt, Printed T-Shirt, to Activewear T-Shirt, or Fitness, Yoga, Running T-Shirt etc.

We wholesale supply and custom manufacture:

Private label men’s hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label girl’s hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Print Private label hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Plain solid color Private label men’s hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label cotton hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label CVC hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label polyester hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label terry hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Private label fleece hoodie manufacture and wholesale

Hoodie first appeared in New York, USA in the 1930s. In order to equip the cold storage workers at that time with the work clothes, because of its comfortable and warm characteristics, it was favored by athletes, and soon became popular among rugby girlfriends and music stars.

Hoodie styles are generally generous, taking into account both fashion and functionality, and blending the characteristics of comfort and fashion. They are very popular among casual wear and are gradually becoming the first choice for young people in street sports.

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Private Label Activewear Manufacturer in China

Apparelcn private label activewear manufacture service has been helping many customers from USA, UK, EU, Japan, Australia…manufacturing a comprehensive range of activewear from private label yoga wear to private label gym wear etc.

Private label activewear tops

Private label activewear tank Tops

Private label long-Sleeved activewear Shirts

Custom private label activewear Racerbacks

Activewear pants

Private label sweat shorts

Private label bermuda shorts

Private label active leggings

Private label active capri pants

Private label active innerwear

Private label active sports bras

We used very wide range of fabric qualities to make perfect activewears, the fabric both knit and woven, the contents include cotton, CVC, polyester, rayon, modal, Tencel, viscose, with spandex/lycra and without lycra/spandex etc. The fabric weight from 70GSM to 320GSM.

We have full range of activewear sewing machines and latest advanced sewing machines, and special production and finishing equipment, our factory can meet all your requirements of the private label activewear manufacture orders.

Private label dress manufacturer in China

Apparelcn as a private label dress manufacturer in China, we developed our own dress designs and mass-producing process, we now have a gorgeous collection for all the silk summer dresses, women’s dress, mulberry silk dresses, private label long dress, private label Low or drop waist dress, Camisole dress, Maxi dress, Shirt waist dress, Cocktail dress, Slip Dress, Strapless Dress etc.

We have stable dress raw materials fabrics and accessories suppliers, base on these we can have the quick delivery for sampling and bulk production. We do not take this as a difficulty owing to our harmonious relationships with the fabric and materials distributors. Under the support from these contractors, we have access to the latest type of fabrics and the ability to develop news hi-tech product independently. Moreover, we know the key points in knitting, dyeing and sewing which creates our strengths and advantages in R&D of new and high-technology textile and garment products. Particularly, our high standard materials like coolmax, merino wool, polyester, cotton, spandex, lycra etc.  We are able to give your products specifications/functions such as natural movement, fast absorption, moisture management, and UV protection.

Private label tank top manufacturer in China

Private label compression clothing manufacturer in China

Private label gym wear manufacturer in China


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FAQ for private label Clothes manufacturers in China

Do you have service for startups private label clothing line?

Yes, we are the best custom clothing manufacturer for startup apparel brands, especially the private label new business owners. We have the clothing design service, material sourcing, garment sampling, bulk production and global shipping etc. One-stop full service.


What’s you MOQ for private label clothes orders?

The minimum order quantity can be 100-1000pieces, based on different garment products, such as the t-shirts regular color can be 100pieces, the jackets need order fabric need 1000pieces. Please contact us to check the proper quantity for each style of your private labels.


Do you have readymade in-stock for wholesale? If so, can I put my own private label on it?

Yes, we have thousands of designs various apparel readymade for wholesale.

Yes, you can put your own label for our readymade products.

The readymade clothes no MOQ required.


Can you make the private labels and hang tags?

Yes, we can make your private labels, hang tags, packing materials and other accessories. You also can make it for yourself and send us, we will put it on clothing during the bulk production.


How to ship the private label clothes?

The shipping types can be by express courier, by train, by fast vessel, by plain etc. Based on your order quantity, delivery time required and cost, we will select the best proper shipping method for your orders.

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  1. Fae Ramolete


    My name is Fae and I’m the owner of a clothing brand based here in Toronto, Canada. We are looking for private label clothing manufacturers in China for our brands.
    Your company was referred to by an acquaintance who used to work with Sears and I am very interested in creating a long-term business relationship with your company.
    The company’s focus is to provide quality and affordable dresses and skirts here in Canada and I wish for you to be the manufacturer for the brand.

    I hope to hear from you soon and I’m looking forward to starting this partnership as soon as possible.


    • Dear Fea, Thanks for your message, our sales team has contact with you directly, hope you have a pleasant communication with them, thank you.

  2. Neetu Jotwani

    Hello, we are the leading e-commerce platform for clothing and fashion products, Need to boost up our fast fashion supply base, we are finding new clothing manufacturers and suppliers in China, please contact with us.

    • Dear Neetu, Our private label clothing manufacturing team has contact to support already, thank you.

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am new in fashion/garment/clothes for women and plan run my private label clothing brand in our city.

    Can you support me in finding a new model with good quality and low price?
    Can request sample ?

    Hope can get your fast reply asap.



  4. Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am new in fashion/garment/clothes for women and plan to run my private label clothing brand in our city.
    Can you support me in finding a new model with good quality and low price?
    Can request a sample?
    Hope can get your fast reply asap.

    • Dear Maria, Yes, we can help you build your private label clothing brand, we can provide the bulk production support for you.

  5. Hello,

    I newly established a clothing brand in Capetown, South Africa and I’m currently looking for a private label clothing manufacturer who can design and produce outfits for my clothing brand.

    Clothing specialisation are
    1. Bandage/bodycon dresses for women
    2. Party/club dresses
    3. Maxi gowns
    4. 2 piece outfits/blazer suit
    4. Wrap dresses, rompers,
    5. Fashionable spandex jeans
    Please note that most of the outfits has to be stretchy spandex outfits .

    Please kindly send me an email if we can partner on this and you can be my manufacturer

    • Dear Ruth,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We are a professional private label clothing manufacturer, we provide apparel design, development, materials sourcing, garment sampling, bulk production and global shipping etc. full support garment supplier in China.
      According to the names you write for these clothes that range is big, in order to make exact design please send your design requirements/similar design pictures etc.
      We have many materials with rich spandex good stretch.
      Our production team will contact you for further communication.
      Thank you.

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