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Real silk fabrics are relative to imitated silk fabrics. They generally refer to mulberry silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, and cassava silk. It is a very expensive fabric, widely used in clothing and furniture, and is famous for being difficult to care for and comfortable and breathable. Its skin-friendly nature is unmatched by all other fabrics. 

This article is completely introduction of different types of silk fabric with pictures and names provide by famous mulberry silk manufacturer.

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Main qualities of silk fabric types

What kinds of silk fabrics are there? How many kinds of silk fabrics are there? Mulberry silk fabric varieties are divided into 14 categories 43 subcategories. It can be divided into several categories, such as Silk habotai fabric, silk taffeta, crepe de chine, heavy crepe de fiber, silk georgette, silk organza, double crepe de fiber, heavy crepe de fiber, brocade, mulberry satin, plain crepe de fiber, double joe, heavy joe, stretch plain crepe de fiber and weft & warp knitting etc.

Momme-Important silk fabric specification parameters

The important unit of measurement for silk specifications is the momme, which is a unit of weight, which is the same as the square gram of the weight of conventional fabrics.

1 momme = 4.3056 g/m2

Momme is a unit of weight, usually used to measure the thickness of silk fabrics. The unit ” momme ” is abbreviated as mm. The larger the momme value, the thicker the silk fabric.

The formula for calculating the number of momme is: grams per square meter/4.3056.

For example: a material with a silk fabric width of 1.14 meters, and its weight per meter is 100 grams, you can calculate the thickness of this material to be 100/(1.14*1)/4.3056=20.4 momme.

If the material has a width of 1.40 meters, it is 100/(1.40*1)/4.3056=16.6 momme.

1 momme = 4.3056 g/m2

16mm =16mome

Crepe satin plain / silk charmeuse fabric

Silk crepe satin plain, this product is the most common in silk, is also the most accepted by everyone, and even some people think that crepe satin plain is silk, silk is crepe satin plain. Actually, crepe satin plain is a breed in pure silk fabric only.

True silk crepe satin, also call silk satin, silk satin, both sides have a great contrast, the positive luster is strong, the reverse is similar to crepe de chine, it is a silk fabric with the best luster. The fabric feels very smooth and is very delicate when rubbing. Silk fabric is the most widely used in a product.

The variety of crepe satin of true silk element is also quite complete, from 9 m/m, 12 m/m, 16 m meters, 19 m/m to 22 m/m, 25 m/m, 30 m/m, 40 m/m, basically included most of the thickness of real silk.

The conventional width is 114cm, among which: 12m/m, 16m/m, 19m/m three specifications 140cm is also common width oh, but generally there is no such goods on the market. In addition, some people have custom-made 90cm. Fabric characteristics: one side of the fabric is satin, the material is very smooth, opaque. These days it’s more common to make pajamas and fancy dresses. Plain silk is a normal fabric in the real silk fabric, beautiful satin is very noble, feel smooth, full of elasticity, dense organization;

Crepe satin plain: it belongs to the conventional fabric inside the fabric, feel very smooth, shrinkage rate is relatively small, the market Cheongsam or dress is basically made of crepe satin plain, crepe satin plain gives people a feeling of noble and elegant, is the best silk fabric inside the gloss fabric.

Here, a lot of people basically understand what is plain satin. Shrinkage, by the way. The shrinkage rate of true silk crepe satin is small in real silk fabric, in 3%-5% or so, basically no need does pre shrinkage.

Crepe DE chine silk fabric

Crepe DE chine Introduction

Crepe de chine silk fabric. Also known as double fibre crepe. Plain weave. Warp yarn is single or weak fiber. Weft silk with strong reaming, two left and two right when weaving, weaving in turn, so that the surface of the fabric after refining subtle wrinkles. Soft, smooth and shiny, tough and elastic. Suitable for all kinds of summer clothing.

The characteristics of Crepe DE chine(CDC)

The main characteristics of crepe de chine are: the surface has fine and uniform wrinkles, gentle texture, smooth, bright color and soft, comfortable to wear, cool, good air permeability, silk than georgette heavy. Shrinkage rate is large, about 10%. According to its characteristics, the following methods should be used for disposal. 1. Need to fall into the water first, to be fully shrunk, and then cut clothing. 2. When washing, pay attention to avoid using ordinary soap, and use neutral detergent; Do not rub vigorously, do not brush; After washing must be rinsed clean, otherwise prone to flower files and spots; Should squeeze moisture gently, pull even air dry, unfavorable use iron heavy iron, lest roll evil spirit furrow. 3. Usually wear, pay attention to avoid contact with the rough surface, in order to prevent the hook wire hair, damage wrinkle organization. 4. Storage should be folded and placed in the box, do not hang hidden for a long time, because crepe silk clothes will be hung longer by gravity, so that the fabric formed by twisting concave and convex shape and expansion state is damaged. Similar fabrics: crepe blue, georgette.

Specifications of Crepe DE chine (CDC)

Crepe de chine warp is 20/22D2 root and no twist of silkworm silk, weft is 20/22d2-4 root and S to strong twist and Z to strong twist of silkworm silk, plain weave organization crisscross the billet silk, after refining deglue, due to S and Z twist to the weft and no twist of warp in the crisscross, weft to their twist to distortion, therefore, On silk surface reflect two kinds of fine twist aesthetic wrinkles.

Crepe de chine specifications are many, complete. The width is 70, 90, 100, 114, 140cm. Weight 8.5, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22m/m. We have pure white, dyed and printed. Suitable for men and women’s shirts, can also do a variety of embroidered clothes, widely used. China’s Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong and other main production areas have production, and exported to the world. It is an important variety of silk production and export in China, accounting for 15% and more than 10% of the total production and export of silk in China. Crepe de chine has many characteristics, good quality and wide use. It is very popular and sells well.

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Silk fabric habotai, Hapotal, Habutai, electricity texture, silk habotai

Habotai silk fabric

What is electric texture silk fabric? 

Electric habotai fabric is actually a kind of silk, its textile raw materials for mulberry silk. So why is mulberry silk called electric texture?

The electric texture is the silk fabric of mulberry silk, which is woven by plain weave. Because of the use of factory silk and electric silk loom instead of silk and wood weaving mechanism named.

To answer this question clearly, we must understand the history of silk spinning and silk fabric production technical.

Before the industrial revolution, silk textile was mainly made by folk, which was then called silk reeling by hand.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, great changes have taken place in textile technology, and factories have begun to produce mulberry silk. At this time, the reeling process is called factory silk. It can be said that the development of factory silk has greatly improved the reeling technology.

Before, silk reeling was processed by manual machinery. With the advent of the electric power revolution, the silk reeling process replaced the traditional wooden silk weaving machine by the electric power silk weaving machine. At this time, the factory silk completely replaced the soil silk. 

Therefore, the meaning of habotai is to use reeling equipment and technology.

What are the characteristics of electric texture silk fabric?

  1. Hapotal is silkworm silk fabric, so it belongs to silk fabric.
  2. Habutai fabric is mainly plain weave fabric!
  3. Electricity texture can be distinguished according to the weight of each square meter for heavy silk, medium silk and light silk!
  4. Silk habotai can be divided into whitening, whitening, dyeing and printing according to different dyeing processes.
  5. Silk fabric habotai can be divided into Hang spinning, Shao Spinning, Hu Spinning and so on according to its origin.

There are more varieties of electric spinning, according to different fabric raw materials, silk electric spinning, viscose silk electric spinning and silk viscose silk interwoven electric spinning and so on. According to the different weight of fabric per square meter, there are heavy pounds (above 40g/m2), medium, light pounds (below 20g/m2). According to the different dyeing and finishing processing technology, there are white, whitening, dyeing, printing. Electric spinning products are usually named by grounding names, such as Hangfang (produced in Hangzhou). Shao Fang (produced in Shaoxing), hu Fang (produced in Huzhou) and so on.

Silk Georgette / silk chiffon fabric

Silk georgette is a kind of georgette, georgette has many components. Georgette gauze is also called Georgette yarn, also known as Georgette crepe [pronunciation is the Transliteration of French], is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft, georgette name comes from France (Georgette). Also called chiffon, chiffon fabric.

According to the raw materials used can be divided into real silk Georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette, if weft silk only uses a twist, woven georgette georgette is called smooth fiber Georgette, smooth fiber Georgette presents the warp to concave and convex pleated irregular crepe.

Firstly said the word Georgette, the beginning of many years ago pure silk there is no georgette fabric. Georgette yarn at the beginning of the bo lai product is chemical fiber. Later, because of the diversity of textile fibers, mulberry silk also became a kind of Georgette. So the modern georgey yarn is divided into real silk georgey yarn from raw materials (raw materials are “mulberry silk”) and imitation silk georgey yarn (raw materials are “chemical fiber”). Because silk plain weave fabric is easy to wrinkle, every time after washing but also ironing to smooth, but georgette wrinkle organization and pure silk air permeability combined into the “silk Georgette” this fabric.

Georgette takes its name from France. CHIFFE in Chinese is chiffon, also from the Sound of French CHIFFE, which means light and transparent fabric. But such silk fabric fabric is generally called “chiffon”, but with the evolution of the process into two kinds of fabric, a “silk Georgette”, a “silk chiffon”, how do they distinguish between the two?

Smooth and wrinkle-free silk yarn is called: silk chiffon (shrinkage rate is about 3-5% after launching), and coarse and wrinkled silk yarn is called: silk Georgette (shrinkage rate is about 15% after launching).

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Advantages of Silk Georgette / silk chiffon fabric

Because of the fabric’s thin warp and weft, it is especially easy to breathe, plus the sufficient reduction treatment in dyeing and the fabric feel is particularly soft, it is the fashion fabric pursued by modern women. Chiffon fabric is soft, thin and transparent, feels smooth and elastic, has a light and clean appearance, good air permeability and drape, comfortable on the body is very strong, very elegant;

Due to the characteristics of flowing and smooth, chiffon dresses for women can bring incomparable wonderful effect, full of romantic taste. Into the upper body, not only zhen Yi charming and solemn elegance, dress feel relaxed, and can add free and easy delicate and charming beauty. No matter be the sexy clipping that shows large skin or intellectual contracted cool and refreshing design, need not give a lot of care to match, snow spins dress always can let a woman make the same score add 100 like 1000 and 10 thousand amorous feelings.

Silk chiffon its classics practice dyed after the strong contraction effect, silk surface dense and meticulous even wrinkles and obvious sand hole. Light texture, elegant transparent, feel soft, elastic, good air permeability and drape, and full of great flexibility. Shrinkage rate is also big, it is 10 ~ 12% commonly, accordingly, need to fall into water first, after waiting for its sufficient shrink, cut out again make clothes. Suitable for shirts, dresses, high evening dress materials and scarves, scarves, curtains, etc.

Silk organza fabric

Organza, also called Kogan gauze, also called organdy, organza. Organza: a transparent or semi-transparent light gauze, usually covered with satin or Silk. The Wedding dress designed by the French is mainly made of Organza.

Similar to silk products, organza is very hard. As a kind of chemical fiber lining and fabric, organza is not only used to make wedding dresses, but also can be used to make curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, all kinds of jewelry bags, and can also be used to make ribbons.

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We’re talking about silk organza, and if you didn’t hear of organza two years ago, you probably didn’t pay any attention to the spring/summer trend this year.

This year organza is very hot compared to previous years. If you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of organza women’s dresses this year. So what is organza a product?

Organza, also known as silk tough silk, is a type of raw silk fabric. Fabric feel stiff, transparent a kind of light yarn. The regular size of organza is 5.5 mm, which is a very thin silk fabric. Of course, other thicknesses also have 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm. Of course, thin words also have 4.5 meters, this year Guangdong side once sold out of 4.5 meters or even thinner 4 meters thickness. 

Organza is raw silk, so the texture is hard, generally does not directly contact with the skin, used to cover the outside of clothing or load the effect of the inside of the skirt. If you want to make clothes to wear, make sure you have an inner lining. Organza has another very important use is to make wedding dresses.

In addition, the service life of the yarn is shorter, because the yarn is stiff, so if there is a crease can not be removed, and because it is thinner, so it is easier to draw yarn.

Jacquard silk fabric

As early as the formation of the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous for its jacquard weaving.

Jacquard is the concave and convex pattern of fabric with warp and weft crisscross. The textile category is numerous, jacquard fabric is one of the major categories, and silk jacquard is one of the branches. Jacquard fabrics can be divided into home textile materials and fashion fabrics. Jacquard fabric is very versatile, can make casual pants, sportswear, suits and traditional clothing, but also can be used as bedding material. Because of the fabric clothing after wearing crisp and comfortable, fabric pattern three-dimensional feeling is very popular, silk jacquard fabrics more because of excellent comfort and silk unique style to occupy a large market.

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Silk jacquard fabric refers to the weaving method that the warp yarn or weft yarn will rise and fall on the surface of silk fabric or interweave at random to form patterns or patterns. Silk bottom fabric is relative to simulation silk fabric, generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. Jacquard design can reflect beauty more above silk fabrics.

Silk jacquard fabric variety, complex manufacturing process. Warp yarn and weft yarn interweave into different patterns, high density, twisting, concave and convex, more woven flowers, soft texture, delicate, smooth unique texture, good gloss. Large jacquard fabric pattern range and exquisite, clear color hierarchy three-dimensional sense of strong, unique design novel style, soft hand, bright luster, generous fashion, elegant and noble temperament. Texture, appearance and feel, fully show fashion style.

There are different types of silk jacquards, such as brocade, sambo (mulberry), brocade (brocade), jacquard satin stripe silk, flash brocade, blue brocade etc. These have their own characteristics and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Pure silk greige/grey fabric

Before introducing silk greige cloth, we first explain what is grey cloth?

Grey fabric refers to the white/white fabric made from the relevant textile raw fiber through spinning, weaving process, without dyeing and finishing (dyeing, printing, finishing) process. Blank cloth can be divided into blank and blank cloth. Blank cloth refers to the blank cloth that comes off the loom without bleaching and dyeing, while blank cloth refers to the blank cloth after bleaching and dyeing.

So silk grey cloth, that is, the fabric woven with silk yarn, has not been dyed and printed fabric finishing.

Silk fabric manufacturer and wholesale supplier introduction

Apparelcn is a professional silk fabric manufacturer and supplier and a leading enterprise in the silk fabric industry.

Focusing on silk fabric industry for more than 30 years, we not only have rich experience in silk fabric weaving and dyeing, but also set up a set of perfect supply chain system, the business scope covers most of the different varieties and specifications of silk fabric. Our main silk fabrics are: Real silk crepe satin elastic satin, silk, silk crepe DE chine, true silk habotai, silk organza, real silk georgette, silk chiffon etc., at the same time, we have our own 48 spot color system and diversified order to dye system, not only can realize quick shopping to buy the hair for you needs, also can provide you with personalized book dye solution, meet your different needs.

The company’s products are positioned in the high-end market, with quality and service as the core, and strive to provide customers with the best quality silk fabric and the most assured purchase service at the most favorable price, so that you can easily find the fabric you want in the complex silk fabric market.

Silk fabric supplier’s advantages

  1. Focus on silk fabric industry for 30 years.

2.high-end export standards, 100% quality assurance.

3.Direct supply from factory and source supplier of silk fabric.

4.Rich color card product system, double excellent spot dyeing service.

5.Fast delivery experience, perfect after-sales guarantee.

6.Personalized service and professional dyeing scheme.

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