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Apparel-CN provide garment pattern making and garment construction service

What is Garment Pattern Making?

Pattern making is the process of creating a blueprint of your garment. A pattern is used as a template to cut out fabric that matches the required specifications to sew a garment. It factors in the type of fabric, the intended fit on the wearer, and any trims that will be used. The pattern is used to make 2D fabric sit properly on a 3D body.

Creating your own garments requires patterns. Patterns are needed when you mass produce a style. They act as a template in order to create the garments. Patterns are used to ensure each garment in production is as similar to each as possible. Patterns are created after you have designed the collection and technical drawings. As Clothing Manufacturers, we can develop your patterns for you, all in house at our own factory. 

Clothing pattern making

Pattern cutting is considered to be very important and at our Clothing Manufacturers factory, we consider the pattern cutting stage to be very essential and probably the most important stage of development. At the pattern cutting stage, it’s important to use fit models who you consider to be your target market. It allows the pattern cutter to create the patterns specifically for your brand and you can also see in 3D what the garments will look like. It is important for the pattern cutter to truly understand your designs. Therefore, we always encourage our customers to provide as much information about each style so we can make the garments exactly how you want them. Measurements are key when making patterns – ensure to give your pattern cutter measurements such as lengths of garments that you want and widths etc. 

Garment pattern making and construction

How to create garment patterns?

At our clothing manufacturers’ factory, we create our patterns in a few different ways. There are many different methods that can be used to create patterns. We prefer to create our patterns manually + digital pattern create system; Combed the manually and digital pattern system, we make sure all the patterns are perfect fit well as customer required. All patterns are created by using the sketch or tech drawings as a reference. Occasionally our clients will provide existing garments that they will like us to use as a reference. 

Buyer have to provide any of the follows for garment pattern making:

  • Clothing tech pack included the size measurements specs.
  • Clothing design sketch, pictures, mock-up pictures etc.
  • Original garment samples.

Digital garment pattern making system:

Garment digital pattern printing:

Size Grading-make the garment pattern for each size

Size Grading is the process where we take the pattern from your one size, also known as a Sample Size, and we create all the other sizes from them. Although there are some standard procedures for moving up/down between sizes, if you have your own custom preference then just let us know in your tech packs. We always grade patterns free of charge.

We create patterns in two ways depending on your production. If your production is simple and small, we might create paper patterns that are hand-designed by top-level pattern makers. For mid-sized to large-scale productions or complex styles, we’ll create digital patterns using state-of-the-art software. If you have your own digital or paper patterns, just let us know you’d like to use them.

The secret to success in the fashion industry that all big brands know is this – you need to consistently produce the perfect fitting clothing your target customers are shopping for. Our pattern makers will expertly follow your specifications to create the exact fitting clothing for your brand. The only way to achieve a perfect fit is to provide accurate seam measurements.



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