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Bulk clothing production

If you are looking for a professional hoodies manufacturer, ApparelCN may be one of your best choices, we offer small batch hood on customization, all your needs about hoodie customization, we can meet them all.

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Custom and wholesale hoodies manufacturer profile

ApparelCN is a company specializing in apparel manufacturing, established over fifteen years ago, and is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel products.

We have an experienced and skilled team with comprehensive production capabilities and good production management experience and are committed to providing high quality apparel products to meet consumer needs. We use advanced equipment and production technology in our manufacturing process and constantly introduce the latest technology and fashion trends to ensure that each garment product is of the best possible standard.

The company’s products mainly include hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other various styles in a wide variety of materials and colors, suitable for consumers with different occasions and needs.
We also provide customization service, tailor-made according to the needs of customers, so that consumers can get the most satisfactory products.

How much does it cost to customize hoodies?

The price of a hoodie is determined by several factors, the quantity of customization, the fabric used to make it, the type of print, the related accessories, etc.

  1. Generally speaking, the more customizations there are, the lower the cost per garment and therefore the lower the pricing per garment.
  2. Pricing will vary for different types of hoodies. For example, pricing will differ for single-color hoodies and multi-color hoodies.
  3. The quality and price of the fabric will also affect the price of the hoodie. High quality cotton fabrics are usually more expensive than lower quality synthetic fabrics.
  4. Accessories for hoodies include zippers, buttons, etc. The quality and type of these accessories will also affect the price of hoodies.
  5. If you need to print or embroider on the hoodie, the custom price will also be higher.

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What are the styles of custom hoodies?

1.Pullover Hoodies

The pullover hoodie features a zipperless top and only a small neckline for easy and comfortable wear.
As a classic fashion item, the pullover hoodie is comfortable, practical and fashionable, and has a wide range of applications in daily life, making it an indispensable fashion item.

2. Zipper Hoodies

The zipper hoodie is a classic fashion item. Compared with the pullover hoodie, the zipper hoodie features a zipper at the collar, making it easy for the wearer to adjust the degree of opening and closing of the garment and the temperature at any time, which has good practicality.

How to choose hoodie fabric?

There are various fabrics commonly used for hoodies, the following are some common hoodie fabrics:

  1. Cotton fabric: Cotton fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics for hoodies. It is soft and comfortable, breathable and moisture wicking, as well as easy to print and dye. Cotton hoodies are suitable for daily wear and sports and leisure occasions.
  2. Polyester fabric: Polyester fabric is a synthetic fabric commonly used in sports hoodies. It has excellent abrasion resistance and elasticity, while being easy to wash and quick to dry, making it suitable for sports and outdoor activities.
  3. Polyester-cotton: Polyester-cotton fabrics have better breathability and moisture absorption, more comfortable to wear, more durable than cotton fabrics, not easy to deformation, not easy to wrinkle, fabric colors are more vibrant, not easy to fade, easy care and maintenance, not easy to shrink and deformation, can be cleaned by machine washing.

Recycled plastic materials fabrics

The following points need to be noted in fabric selection:

  1. Choose the right fabric according to the season to ensure comfortable wearing.
  2. After determining the color and style of the print, choose the fabric with corresponding color and texture.
  3. Pay attention to the quality and handfeel of the fabric, choose high quality fabric to avoid pilling, fading and other problems.
  4. Consider the adaptability of the fabric, if you want to wash it often, choose the fabric that is easy to care and wearable.

types of fabrics with pictures

Hoodies are usually suitable for spring, fall, and winter wear, and it is important to choose the right weight of fabric.

Spring and autumn: usually choose light fabrics with a grammage of about 200-250 grams.
Winter: Choose thick and warm fabrics, usually with a gram weight of 250 grams or more.

How to choose a hoodie printing method.

There are many different methods of hoodie printing, and the following are some of the common techniques.

  1. Thermal transfer: Thermal transfer is a printing technique in which a design is printed on thermal paper and then the design is transferred to the hoodie by heat. This technique allows for complex design patterns and can be printed on a variety of fabric types.
  2. Screen Printing: Screen printing is a printing technique in which ink is printed on hoodies through a mesh grid. This technique is usually used to print single color or simple patterns. It can be used on all types of fabrics and can produce long-lasting prints.
  3. Digital Printing: Digital printing is a printing technique that uses a digital printer to print a design directly onto a hoodie. This technique produces high quality patterns and is ideal for printing complex designs. It can be used on a variety of fabric types and often produces long-lasting prints.
  4. Puff Printing: Puff printing technology is a special printing technology that allows the printed pattern to take on a certain dimensionality and thickness after printing. This technique is often used to create graphic letters and logos to make them stand out. puff printing technology can produce excellent results and can be used in a variety of colors and patterns to make prints more vivid and interesting. In addition, puff printing can often produce very long-lasting prints on fabrics, making it ideal for high-quality products such as custom apparel and accessories.

Wholesale blank hoodies from manufacturer

The advantages of wholesale blank hoodies.

  1. Blank hoodies are available in large quantities from stock and can be ordered and delivered on short notice, which makes them ideal for quick response to market demand.
  2. Because they are manufactured in large quantities, they are usually priced more competitively than retail prices.
  3. Blank hoodies come in monochrome or simple designs, which makes them easy to adapt to different styles and occasions.
  4. Blank hoodies are also easy to print or embroider, which provides a convenient and economical way for businesses and individuals to create personalized clothing and products.

How to customize hoodies and make samples?

Technical packages and other requirements are required to produce samples.

  1. The first item in the technical package is usually the design requirements. This will include your design pattern, including fonts, colors, graphics, etc. You will also need to provide details about the placement and size of the pattern, for example on the front, back or sleeves of the hoodie. In the design requirements, you will also need to specify the thread material and color to be used.
  2. The material, quality and color of the fabric needs to be selected to ensure the quality and appearance of the final hoodie by choosing the right fabric according to the customization requirements.
  3. Detailed measurements for each size are required to ensure that the final product is sized to meet the custom requirements.
  4. You need to specify the production process of hoodies, such as sewing, embroidery, printing, etc.

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Minimum quantity of custom hoodies.

If custom fabrics, custom prints, and proofs are required, the number of custom hoodies is usually no less than 100 pieces per color size;

In stock with logo, pattern, and brand logo can be less than 10 pieces per color size.

Popular styles of custom hoodies.

1.  Custom 3D printed hoodies

Style: 3D digital printing hoodies
Fabrics: 75%cotton + 25%polyester, 300gms
Color: custom color
Pattern: Customized pattern
Size: X-5XL
Sales type: OEM customization
Order time: 7-15 working days
Sample making: $200 for sample

2.  Custom embroidered printed hoodies

Style: embroidered print hoodies
Fabrics: 90% cotton + 10% polyester, 350gms
Color: custom color
Pattern: Customized pattern
Size: XS-5XL
Sales type: OEM customization
Order time: 10-15 working days
Sample making: $250 for sample

3. Custom puff print hoodie

Style: puff print hoodie
Fabrics: 100% cotton, 400gms
Color: custom color
Pattern: custom pattern
Size: XS-4XL
Sales type: OEM customization
Order time: 10-15 working days
Sample making: $200 for sample

4. Custom zipper hoodies

Style: zipper hoodie
Fabrics: 100% cotton, 300gms
Color: custom color
Pattern: custom pattern
Size: XS-5XL
Sales type: OEM customization
Order time: 10-15 working days
Sample making: $200 for sample

5. Custom All Over Print Hoodies

Style: All Over print hoodie
Fabrics: 90% cotton + 10% polyester, 300gms
Color: custom color
Pattern: custom pattern
Size: XS-5XL
Sales type: OEM customization
Order time: 10-15 working days
Sample making: $250 for sample

Custom and wholesale hoodies FAQ

Q1. Can you do small quantity orders?
We can customize 100 pieces per design/color for our new customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s less than 100 pieces.
Stock in stock can be ordered from 1 piece.
Q2. What is the turnaround time for samples and orders?
Usually, it is 10-15 days for samples and 25-40 days for bulk orders. Specifically, it depends on the quantity, design, pattern and all the accessories you need.
Q3. My design is already done, how can I get a quote?
You just need to send your request and we will quote you soon.
Q4. How do you control the quality of my order?
For samples, our QC will check first, then our salesman, our sales manager will check the samples before sending them to you; for bulk orders, our QC team will make sure your order is perfect.
Q5. Can I control the quantity of my bulk order?
Yes, the order quantity is determined before you confirm the order payment.
Q6. Is there any guarantee to protect my money or my order?
Yes, we offer a variety of payment options to ensure your money and order
Q7. What logistics options are available to me?
Generally speaking, there are sea, air and road transportation. We have worked with DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. for many years and offer door-to-door service. You can also entrust a freight forwarder to ship your order, in short, the shipping method is negotiable.
Q8. How do I pay?
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Trade Guarantee payment for offline orders, etc.
For samples: Payment in advance.
For mass production: 30% deposit and 70% of the balance before shipment.



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