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This is a very professional/detailed guide on creating your design hoodie/sweatshirt from the factory with more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing hoodies for worldwide customers.

Style design is the first and most important step in create a hoodie/sweatshirt product for your brand. There are many styles hoodies such as Solid Color Hoodie, Full Print Hoodie,3D prints Hoodie, Color Matching Hoodie, Washed Hoodie, Full zip hoodie, Heavy weight hoodie, Tie dye hoodie etc. You should also consider different countries and regions, different seasons, and other factors to design your sweatshirt. If you are preparing to design your own hoodie/sweatshirt brand, you must carefully study and determine the style of the hoodie/sweatshirt.

Full Print Hoodie

Heavy Weight Hoodie

Tie-Dye Hooie

Color matching hoodie factory China

Color matching hoodie



washing distressed effect hoodie from manufacturer

Washing Distressed Hoodie


Workmanship detail design

Different styles of hoodie/sweatshirts are very different in terms of detail design. The quality of detailed workmanship determines the quality and product grade of a sweatshirt. Good workmanship is a high-end hoodie sweatshirt product.
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Fabric quality for various hoodies

Fabric types

Correct fabric quality, good quality, suitable composition, and weight(thickness) are crucial to making a perfect hoodie sweatshirt. Commonly used fabrics for sweatshirts are knitted fabrics such as terry, brushed cloth, waffle, and other knitted fabrics suitable for different styles.

Fabric composition

Natural fiber: 100% cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton, long staple cotton

bamboo fiber

Chemical fiber: polyester, modal, Tencel, recycled polyester

Polyester-cotton blend (this fabric has the feel of cotton and the characteristics of polyester, crisp and stylish)

Add Lycra, spandex, and elastane fabrics. This fabric has a certain degree of elasticity and will rebound without deformation after stretching.

Cotton Fiber

Cotton Fiber

Bamboo Fiber



Chemical Fiber

Chemical Fiber


Fabric weight

Fabric weight from 160GSM-550GSM, if you want to make light weight hoodie /sweatshirt style for spring/summer, please use the light weight fabric, the fabric weight can be 160GSM-320GSM; if you want to make heavy weight hoodie/sweatshirt style for Fall/Winter, please use the heavy weight fabric, the fabric weight can be 400GSM-550GSM.



Fabric color

Plain dye solid color, heather/mélange color, all over printing fabric, space dyeing fabric, washing distressed effect fabric

Print fabric for hoodie
Print Fabric
Terry fabric for hoodie
Solid Fabric
Tie-dye fabric for hoodie
Tie-Dye Fabric
washed distressed fabric
Washed Fabric

Fabric color book

Most of the main fabrics, we have ready made fabric rolls, you can choose the color options from our color cards/books for your hoodie sweatshirts.

We also can custom make your own color or Pantone number color etc.

Readymade fabric color option
Fabric color catalog

Print types of hoodies

Most hoodies/sweatshirts with print design on front/back/sleeve, there are also various print types, they are screen printing, 3D printing, 3D PU/Silicone/TPU printing, 3D embossed printing, 3D puff printing etc.
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Soft 3D Printing
High-frequency Printing
3D Silicon-printing
3D Printing
3D hoodie printing
Silicone printing

Hoodie Embroidery types

Embroidery is also an important way to display hoodie’s design/LOGO. The types of embroidery include computer embroidery, patch embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, chenille embroidery, sequin embroidery, etc.

Computer embroidery hoodie supplier
Computer embroidery for sweatshirt manufacturer
Chenille-embroidery sweatshirt manufacturer
patch embroidery sweatshirt supplier
3D embroidery factory in China
3D embroidery sweatshirt manufacturer


Hood cord

Most hoodie with hood cord, there are various hoodie cord options can be chosen from, we provide support for select best hood cord for your hoodies.

RIB for hoodie

Normally the hoodie/sweatshirt’s collar, sleeve cuff, hem with rib fabric, there are 2 types of rib fabric, one is rib fabric, the other one is flat knit rib. Most of the rib fabric with Lycra/spandex with good stretch.

Flat RIB for hoodie
Sleeve cuff RIB
Solid RIB for hoodie

Hang tags for hoodie

The hang tag main used for brand/private label hoodies, we can make your own design hang tags, we also can support you create the best tags as your requirements. The placement of hang tag main hang at main label.

Apparel hang tag
Garment Hang tag
Hoodie Brand Tag

Main label, wash/care label, size label

Main label also named brand label, usually sewn on the back neck collar.

Wash/care label write the wash/care instruction, contents, size, country of original etc. usually sew on side seam inside of the hoodie.

Other related trims/accessories also includes size label, original label, packing materials etc.

Main label for garments production
Care label for garments
Garment care labels

Global Shipping for hoodie sweatshirts

For shipping, there are various shipping types, we will recommend best suitable shipping types for all customers’ requirements and order.

For small quantity order can ship by courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.), ship by air transportation. You can receive them about 3-5 days after ship out. These are fastest, shipping cost is high.

For the big order quantity, can ship by fast vessel, train, sea shipping, truck transportation etc. These shipping slow need several weeks, shipping cost is low.

Anyway, according to the order quantity, shipping time required, the cost you plan to pay for shipping, and the destination country etc. We will work out the best shipping type for you.


These article includes almost all details for create your own hoodie brand, after review them you can create your own hoodie/sweatshirt’s tech pack as start. Click here to see how to make your tech pack, thank you.

We are a professional hoodie sweatshirt manufacturer with 20 years’ experience working for international fashion/streetwear brands, we provide one-stop production service and full support for all customers.
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