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Now, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the good prospects of the Chinese clothing market, many people choose to open their own clothing online stores in C2C malls, B2B malls, or WeChat malls. Some people are also trying to establish their own fashion brands. Some young people who specialize in fashion design their own clothes, find factories to produce them, and sell them online. But the problem before you is that if you want to realize your own design, you need to find a China apparel manufacturer. When starting to create your own brand, the order volume is certainly not very large and will remain at around 100-200 pieces. Can’t find a first-class garment processing factory. You can only find some garment processing factories with about 50-200 people. At this time, we need to know how to find better factories from these small processing plants. Now let’s briefly talk about how to find a garment factory for small-batch garment processing.


  1. If you do not know the factory, you can find professionals who know the factory or have worked in the factory to visit the factory. First, talk to the boss and ask if the boss understands management and quality. If the boss is a pattern designer or quality manager in a large factory, you can go to the factory to check the sanitary conditions, equipment, quality inspection, and prefabricated rooms.


  1. The boss of the Shanghai garment factory had better understand the pattern and quality. If he just spends money to open a factory to make money, he doesn’t know anything, he just asks someone to do it, and he doesn’t have a board of directors, so he basically doesn’t have to think about it.


  1. Small orders are generally not recommended to purchase fabrics by yourself. Since buying fabrics requires a lot of time and effort, it is best to contract labor and materials for the factory. Confirm the fabric for the first time and make sure to keep the fabric sample. You can compare fabrics when placing an order. If the quantity exceeds 500 pieces, you can consider buying fabrics. If you don’t know the fabric, you can buy it with someone who knows the fabric and compare the quality and price.


  1. For the first time, garment factories cooperated with each other in contracting labor services and material production. Usually, it requires a 50% down payment. It can send one or two orders of 100-200 pieces for the first time to check the quality. If the quality is okay, you can slowly add the following orders. If the quality is not up to the requirements, it is best not to receive the goods. After rework, it can receive the goods, and other factories will consider proceeding to the next batch.


  1. If you really don’t know anything and don’t know how to find friends from a clothing factory, you can go to the special clothing order trading platform to place an order. There are many online clothing order trading platforms. You can place your small garment processing order on it, and the small processing factory that meets your requirements will contact you.

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