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Best clothing manufacturers, find right garment manufacturer for your business

Whether you want to be the next big fashion entrepreneur, or you simply want to sell everyday clothing items online, finding the right manufacturer is critical to your success. This article will explain how to find a good clothing manufacturer.

Selecting the right clothing manufacturer is crucial for the success of your new fashion brand. All the passion you put into designing a piece of clothing, all the details you have envisioned to make it unique, and the glamorous design you have in mind is just a waste if you don’t find a garment manufacturer that can transform fabrics and finishes into your dream.

Quality, even though crucial, is not the only parameter to single out a garment manufacturer. The production method the manufacturer uses, the certifications the company owns, its location, and other factors will impact both the quality and the cost of the final product. Since budgeting is a weighty step to kick start your fashion business, you must make sure you can afford the clothing manufacturer of your choice.

We have put together a quick reference guide to find the best clothing manufacturers for your clothing business.

What is garment manufacturer and clothing manufacturing?

A garment manufacturer is a factory that produces clothing. As the client, you must provide the manufacturer with the design and the necessary specifications like materials, measurements, finishes, and similar.

Based on your requirements, the garment manufacturer produces your line of clothing ready to be sold to your customers.

Clothing manufacturing includes numerous operations necessary to make a garment. It includes processes like cutting, sewing and finishing. The whole manufacturing process breaks down into a number of sub-operations needed for constructing a particular garment. Some of these operations vary depending on the type of equipment available, work methods used and workers’ skills.

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2 types of clothing manufacturers

Type 1: CMT (Cut, make, trim) clothing manufacture

What is CMT?

CMT (Cut, make, trim) is one of the two main garment production types. It is a service that includes cutting, trimming and sewing the garment into a fully finished product.

If you are a brand and would like to use this type of manufacturing for your clothing business make sure to have these on hand:

  • Tech Pack and Specs Sheets
  • Fabrics and trims
  • Patterns, constructing requirements and sewing guidance

After receiving the needed information, the factory will start producing the garment. Fabric will be cut according to the technical sketches and patterns. Pieces will be sewed together according to the construction requirements. Sizes will be adjusted according to the Grading Sheet provided. At the final stage, garment manufacturers will perform a quality check to make sure everything meets the client’s expectations.

Benefits of CMT

In CMT production manufacturers often use the latest technology and machinery. These factors ensure the best quality possible for the final garment.

Since the CMT factories work with Specification Sheets that brand provides they don’t spend time and resources on things like pattern making. They can fully focus on providing the best quality of cutting and sewing.

In CMT production brands have full control over fabric selection, labels, trims and packaging. This saves a ton of time and money for both parties.

Disadvantage of CMT clothing manufacture

CMT is for brands who already have some experience in the production process and have a strong factory ready Tech Pack. If you are a brand that is just getting started, we would suggest learning more about the FPP (Full Production Package) that we will discuss below.

Since factories using the CMT production are working according to the brand’s Tech Packs many errors might occur. Which can be very costly to the brand and the dispute will be time-consuming for the clothing manufacturer.

First you know different types of clothing manufacturers, and then you will know how to find the best clothing manufacturer.

Our factory provides one-stop clothing manufacture service both CMT and FPP, the 20 years garment production experience factory make sure the best garment products and service for you.

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Type 2: FPP (Full Production Package) clothing manufacture

What is FPP clothing manufacturing?

FPP or Full Production Package is a clothing production type where a manufacturer provides all stages of garment building to the brand. This also named custom clothing manufacturer.

These stages include:

  • Pattern making.
  • Fabric and trims sourcing.
  • Sample Making.
  • Final garment production.

Basically, FPP includes both CMT and all other aspects of garment manufacturing.

To start the manufacturing process the factory:

  • Consults with the brand.
  • Using the initial sketches or mood boards the factory creates the technical designs.
  • Help with fabric sourcing.
  • Offer their expertise in current fashion trends.
  • Manufactures the final garment.

In short, factories that offer FPP can walk brands through the whole process of product development.

Benefits of FPP

For brands who are just getting started FPP is an excellent choice. Factories offering this type of clothing production will provide their help in all stages of product development, from initial designs and fabric sourcing to constructing a final product.

Factories providing FPP are very high on demand between emerging brands. This ensures a consistent traffic of new clients for the manufacturers.

Disadvantage of FPP clothing manufacture

Considering the fact that FPP clothing production provides service for a variety of stages of product development the amount of investment for the brand is higher.

At the same time manufactures who want to offer FPP type of clothing production have to make sure they have the resources, capacities and skills required. Including pattern makers, grading experts, fashion specialists.

Key differences garment manufacture between CMT and FPP

Key differences garment manufacture between CMT and FPP

Different factories may adopt nonidentical production systems. The manufacturing method affects the final product quality, but also has an impact on the speed, quantity, and overall costs of the production.

Some manufacturers, for instance, use what is called a “make through” system. In this case, a single tailor works on each piece. From pattern to cutting until finishing, he does everything on his / her own. Depending on the skills of the specific tailor, the overall quality could be very good or average. Manufacturers using this method can handle small quantity orders and the final cost is usually higher.

Other manufacturers prefer to work using a progressive production system or variations like the modular system or section system. Whatever the case, this method is based on the concept of several tailors working on the same piece of clothing at progressive steps. Therefore, a tailor or a group of them oversees just one operation. Once he completes the operation, he passes the piece to the next station where another tailor continues the work and so on until completion.

The advantages of these methods are that the production is faster, it can handle high volumes, and the overall production costs are lower. Since many workers are involved in producing every single piece of clothing, it may be challenging to maintain the quality all along the process.

Which type of clothing manufacturer is right for you depends on several factors such as how many pieces you need and how much you can pay for them. Moreover, you must also consider the scalability of your business since you don’t want to be stuck with a factory that provides good quality at the right price for you, but cannot deliver your orders when the business grows.

Where to Find the Right Garment Manufacturer?

After figuring out the type of manufacturer you need, it is now time to start your research. It is not as difficult as you may think. There are plenty of resources for you to get in touch with garment manufacturers. However, first of all, you need to decide if you need a local or overseas factory.

Dress wholesale supplier customized bulk fashion manufacturer

1.Sourcing custom clothing manufactures from fashion exhibitions

Tradeshows: Tradeshows are common in the clothing industry. They help to connect potential manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Stay updated about the upcoming events organized in your neighborhood.

To attend different trade fairs in China or worldwide countries is a MUST do task for many professional clothing buyers. You are easy to approach many China clothing factories in the exhibitions. 

Some famous exhibitions of the clothing industry in China are Intertextile Shanghai, EAST CHINA FAIR, Global Source Fashion, ACLE, Centrestage Centrestage, Las Vegas MAGIC SHOW, etc.

Fashion exhibition in China every year

Fashion ExhibitionLocationTime Approximate
Intertextile Shanghai Home TextilesShanghai, ChinaAugust Every year
ACLEShanghai, ChinaAugust Every year
CentrestageHongkong, ChinaSeptember  Every year
Global Sources FashionHongkong, ChinaOctober  Every year


Top 100 Apparel & Clothing Events




Fashion – Clothing  Trade shows  2021 – 2022


Suggestions for attending exhibitions:

It’s better confirms the meeting with clothing manufacturers before visiting a show. Try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance, in this case; the clothing manufacturer will leave more time to discuss with you.

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2. Sourcing clothing suppliers from B2B Marketplace

If you are not attending fashion exhibitions, you can also find clothing manufacturers from online platforms. The Chinese clothing manufacturers most frequently use the Chinese B2B marketplace.

You have to search them on the B2B platforms and contact some of China clothing manufacturers to get quotation from them, the below I copy one email I often received from the buyers they want to get clothing manufacturers in China:


Hi, [name of clothing manufactures]

I am [your name] from [your company name] company. 

I am interested in [product name of the clothing manufacturers]. I would like to ask some questions first: 

What is the minimum order quantity? 

What is the price of [product name of the clothing manufacturers] based on minimum order quantity? What’s the price if I increase the amount?

Can you let me know the lead time based on minimum quantity? 

Can you do OEM or ODM?

I need a sample first to verify your product quality. Can you indicate the sample cost, including shipping to:

[Your address]

Thank you, 

[Your name]


Good suggestions: Please remember not to write your email too short or too long emails for the first time. There are many buyers sending emails to different Chinese clothing suppliers on the B2B marketplace every day. So many garment suppliers ignore those emails that look like spam.  

If you want to get an answer from the China cloth manufacturers, please write your email with main clear and included the necessary information.

3.Ask sourcing agents find the best clothing manufacturers in China

Search Engines: Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are one of the ways through which you can find manufacturers in your areas. You can even go through reviews from the audience and select your choice wisely. You must consider the first 10 sites that show up as it is an indication that they are active in their work.

If you are not experienced enough with the clothing supplying management, you can cooperate with some sourcing companies or buying offices in China to help you find the professional clothing manufacturers.

Generally, sourcing companies or buying offices are very professional in identifying the qualified manufacturers. Replying on them can save you a lot of time during sourcing, and most of the time they can help you get a better price.

Some sourcing companies in China you can start with:

Chinabrands– recommended for drop shippers, wholesalers, both small & large businesses

Dragon Sourcing – recommended for medium & large businesses

Imex Sourcing Services – recommended for medium & large companies 

4.Example for Search on Google

Search on Google is not a secret, there are a few search strings that help you to search on Google:

“keywords” + manufacturer+China

“keywords” + wholesale+manufacturer+China

“keywords” + factory+China

“keywords” + factory+wholesale+China

The negative point is that few manufacturers in China pay attention to online marketing, so it not easy to find them from the top 10 search result, you’ll have to trawl through many pages until you see some Chinese legitimate clothing manufacturers. If you are still can’t find the suitable clothing manufacturers,please click here contact with us professional China garment factory! +

5.Find clothing manufacturing companies from Linkedin, facebook, youtube etc.

Social Media: Social media is one of the easiest ways to find a clothing manufacturer. It connects you to millions of people. Many clothing manufacturers advertise on various social media platforms. Facebook Business Groups is also another great way through which you can reach out to many manufacturers.

There are many Chinese wholesale cloth suppliers and manufacturers are publishing their company file or personal introduction on online place such as facebook, LinkedIn, youtube etc.. You can approach some proper Chinese clothing manufactures there as well.

6.Directories of apparel manufacturers

Directories have lost much of their popularity but are still around and are an excellent source to find manufacturers.

Among the most popular directories that we can mention are Sqetch in Europe, Makers Row in the US, and Kompass to find overseas factories.


Domestic Clothing Manufacturers VS Overseas Clothing Manufacturers

When you’re in the market for a clothing supplier, you’ll first need to ask yourself whether you want to work with domestic manufacturers in the country you reside in (like the UK, the USA, or Canada).

The alternative is sourcing your products from overseas clothing manufacturers, like in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia etc.

For reference, when we mention domestic manufacturers, we’re mostly referring to clothing manufacturers in the USA or Europe. When we reference overseas manufacturers, we’re referring to countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia etc.

Of course, both of these options have distinct advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose which option suits you best in terms of funding, quality, and your business ethics.

Let’s break down some of the pros and cons of working with both domestic and overseas clothing manufacturers.

Domestic Clothing Manufacturers

We live in a world where buyers are becoming increasingly conscious about the working standards and the material quality of the clothes they’re buying.

When it comes to domestic clothing manufacturers, you’re more likely to get higher quality products with regulated labor standards.

But they’ll come at a cost – it’ll be more expensive to source your products from domestic clothing manufacturers.

If you’re going to pay the extra fees to use domestic clothing manufacturers, it’s a great idea to emphasize the fact that you’re working with local industries in your marketing material. This can really help to strengthen your brand image with buyers who are conscious about these kinds of topics.

Another great benefit to working with domestic clothing manufacturers are the shipping times.  Shipping is going to be much faster than if you were working with clothing manufacturers from overseas.

It’s also typically cheaper than it is when you work with overseas manufacturers.

But one major downside when working with domestic clothing manufacturers is that there’s generally a much smaller choice of products when compared to manufacturers from overseas.

This might not be an issue for you if you’re looking to manufacture generic products. But if you’re looking for something more niche, you might find that overseas suppliers are the better option.

Overseas Clothing Manufacturers

There are plenty of overseas clothing manufacturers that can help you create products for your business, often at a much lower cost than a domestic manufacturer.

The most common overseas clothing manufacturers include China, India, Taiwan, and a host of other Asian countries.

For many years, clothing manufacturers from China have been the most popular, with companies that produce all types of clothing for dropshipping and resale easily found online.

It’s important to note that the quality of the products from an overseas clothing manufacturer might not be as high as domestic. And, keep in mind that the working conditions in these factories might be unregulated.

Another potential downside is that you’ll likely experience longer shipping times for your products. Plus, shipping costs are usually more expensive in comparison to domestic manufacturers.

Top Clothing Manufacturers in USA

If you find the clothing manufacturers in USA, this list included the top US garment manufacturers for you, most of USA apparel manufacturer have the design, development, sampling, material sourcing abilities, their production partners are the oversea clothing manufacturers in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India etc.





Annual Sales

Number of Employees


American Stitchco, Inc.

Mountain Home, AR




Carolina Glove Co.

Conover, NC





Monroe, NC




Synergy Dyeing and Finishing Co.

Statesville, NC




Crumpton Welding Supply & Equipment, Inc.

Tampa, FL




Vinita Flag & Apron

Vinita, OK




Clean Room Depot, Inc.

Holbrook, NY




Maine-Lee Technology Group LLC/E-Z Glider

Wells, ME





Culver City, CA




The Reflectory

Carolina, RI




USA Clothing Manufacturing advantages and disadvantages


Advantages of USA clothing manufacturers

Easy visiting and communication

Higher quality

Higher labor standards

Easy, and efficient to communicate with

Similar time zones, holiday schedules

Made in USA is great for branding and marketing

Faster shipping + cheaper shipping

No duties / tariffs


Disadvantages of clothing manufacturers in USA

Higher cost of goods

Smaller list of factories

Smaller product choices

For small quantity order production

Most fabric buys from other countries

Special accessories order from overseas

Key performance indicates for a clothing manufacturer

After you’ve gone through the resources above, you’ll probably have quite a few potential clothing manufacturers for your business. The next step is to refine your list.

Take into account the following:

  • Price and quality. Choose the manufacturer who can provide you with the highest quality products for a price point that aligns with your current business funds.
  • Shipping times. Find a manufacturer that can provide you with the fastest shipping times (depending on whether you’ve chosen a domestic or an overseas supplier).
  • Work with the manufacturer that has solid experience and good reviews from other store owners. You want to be sure that they’ll be able to deliver on your requests.


Points Before You Place Your First Order to clothing manufacturer

If you have followed all the steps outlined previously, you have been able to select your potential clothing manufacturer. Before placing your first order, however, there are a few additional things you want to confirm to make sure that the process flows smoothly and results in the final product you need.

The following are some questions you may want to ask the manufacturer.

Which brands have they worked with?

This is a great question to start with since it reveals the real potential of the company. If they mention brands, you are familiar with, it is easier for you to gauge the quality of the manufacturer’s output.

If you don’t know the brands they mention, go online and search for them to check their clothing. It might even be a good idea to get some of these brands, whether they are familiar to you or not, on the phone to cross-reference and ask for feedback. You may receive invaluable information, not only about the quality but also about any issues that they may have had with the manufacturer.

Minimum Order and Shipping Fees.

All manufacturers require a minimum order and the minimum quantity may vary from 200 to 2000 pieces. You do not want to commit yourself to ordering a number of pieces that you are not sure you can sell. It is important to understand how the minimum order works, whether it is per color, style, and size.

Do not forget to negotiate the shipping fees, especially if you are dealing with overseas manufacturers. Leaving this to chance may lead to unpleasant surprises that cut your sales margin short.

Different samples during the clothing manufacturing

It is best if the manufacturer can provide samples of the ordered items. They may charge you for that, but it is a good investment if you don’t want to end up with a full shipment of incorrect items. We are the professional garment manufacturer; we have full range of sample process along with the whole garment bulk production.

Production Capacity of clothing manufacturer

It’s better you ask this question not to plan your current order but for your future activities. If you are a new business, your first order will most likely be small. But what if your business picks up and you need to increase the quantity and frequency of your order? You must make sure that the current manufacturer can assist your business in the future; otherwise, you may find yourself searching for a new one from scratch again. Equally it is important to choose a manufacturer for whom your business matters enough in terms of revenue so they give you better service.

Conclusions of find best clothing manufacturers

Selecting the right garment manufacturer is a crucial decision for your fashion business. The manufacturer is one of your most valuable partners on which your business depends. Making the products available without delay as well as the overall satisfaction of your clients largely depend on how reliable your clothing manufacturer is.

Therefore, take your time, conduct due diligence, carefully evaluate all the options, and do not rush your decision. Choosing the right clothing manufacturer may take time and be exhausting at a certain point, but following the above guidelines, you will set a solid foundation for your fashion business.

Apparelcn the reliable clothing manufacturer and supplier for worldwide garment customers more than 20years.

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Various types of sewing effects provide by custom clothing manufacturer in China

The whole process clothing manufacturing from yarn to garment

6 Big Custom Clothing Manufactures in China

1. Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

Shandong Jining Ruyi is founded in 1993 and headquartered in Jining, China with over 5000 employees. Their primary business is wool textile and worsted fabrics. Their annually turn over is more than $150 million.

2. Shandong Demian Incorporated Company

Shandong Demian established in 1997 which located in Dezhou with hosting of a group of subsidiaries which covering in spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, and knitting of garments. 

You can find combed knitting yarn, carded knitting yarn, and natural color cotton from this vendor. Their annually turn over is more than $190 million.

3. Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd

Weiqiao Textile Company Limited manufactures and distributes textile products, cotton yarns, grey fabrics, and denim items. 

Its products include carded, combed, compact, and open-ended spun cotton yarns; grey fabrics, such as plain fabrics, twill weave fabrics, tribute silk series, jacquard series, and khaki drills; and denims comprising cotton, cotton spandex elasticity, cotton dacron elasticity, cotton and bamboo blend, bamboo joint, cotton regenerated cellulose fibers blend, and other den…

There are 54000 employees in Weiqiao Textile Company Limited and its annually turn reached more than $1.2 billion.

4. Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd

Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile co Ltd is a manufacturer focusing on textile producing, researching and trading. They went to the public in 2000.  

If you are looking for manufacturers who are capable of producing cotton textile and warp woven garment, printing & dyeing, they are the one you can’t miss. The revenue of them reached $1 billion in 2017.

5. Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd founded in 1994 who specializes in the textile, pharmaceutical, electronic equipment, power, retail, and oil and gas businesses.

They are professional in producing and selling worsted fabrics; pharmaceutical products; electricity and heat; and electronic equipment. With annually turn over of $400 million, they are a pretty big manufacturer to work with.

6. Huafang Textile Co Ltd

Huafang Textile Co Ltd is founded in 1997 and headquartered in Zhangjiagang, China. Their first business catering for producing and selling textile products, garments, and textile raw materials.

They also specialize in cotton yarns, knitted cloths, imitation fabrics, and electrolytic solutions. The annual revenue reached $260 million in 2017.



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  1. Hello, We are an e-commerce company that mainly sells fashion production online, last season we sell 100k pieces of various garments online, know we are looking for a new clothing manufacturer on board for long term cooperation, please let me know if you are interested, thanks.

    • Dear Zari, We are the best clothing manufacturer for many fashion brands worldwide, and already contact you for further communication, thank you.

  2. Charlene Howitt

    Hi , I need your help, we want to find a clothing manufacturer for my own designs, can you give me a quote for rasberry button pajama top and maching rasberry pajama pants ? The pajama top MUST BE SNAP BUTTON only!!! Just like the attached picture.The pajama pants are elastic only and no snaps.

    I will need a price quote for the pajama sets. I would like the fabric to be polyester and cotton. Or all polyester.

    1.)I will need 50 sets pajama top and pajama pants size adult small
    2.) 50 sets adult medium
    3.)50 sets adult large
    4.) 50 sets adult extra large
    5.) 50 sets adult double XX

    What is the lowest price you can charge for these pajama sets? This will be for a total of 250 pajama sets. How long will it take for you to make this ?

    • Dear Charlene, Thanks for your inquiry, we are the best clothing manufacturer in China, can produce this pajama for you, our team has contact with you for further cooperation, thank you.

  3. Hi Good Evening,
    I am the owner of Fashion Corp. located in Long Island City, New York. I am currently looking for a clothing manufacturer supplier for my retail items. Kindly send me the vendor list of merchandise and prices. Thank You in advance and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Thank You

    • Hello Maribel, We are the best clothing manufacturer in China, our factory produced high-quality garments for USA and worldwide customers, our team has contact with you directly for providing best service, thank you.

  4. Alison BREE

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We are looking for a clothing manufacturer to produce unisex activewear for one of our customers (colour for both men and women).

    Unisex activewear
    Long Sleeve shirt
    Long trousers
    100 % cotton
    QUANTITY: 900 pieces (300 S – 300 M – 300 L)

    PRICE: please give price DDP Belgium
    DELIVERY TIME: please mention (according to the quantity)
    FREIGHT COST: please mention

    Do you have any models to propose to us? If so, could you send us the price and a technical sheet (with a photo of the product)?

    Could you also send us the price for an address in Belgium?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Alison BREE

  5. With a reliable clothing manufacturer factory partner, you save a lot of time as you do not need to scour through pages of clothing manufacturers trying to find the right one. You also save a considerable amount of time that you would have otherwise spent on vetting the suppliers and undergoing long negotiations. These outsourcing agencies will support in every process of fashion business including sourcing, logistics manufacturing and many more. I would like to suggest you contact Apparelcn and international fashion manufacturer and factory supplier.

  6. Hi,

    This is Clement representing a fashion company, an online clothing boutique in Australia. We are looking for a reliable clothing manufacturing factory to produce high-quality t-shirts.

    We have attached the tech packs and are hoping to get a quote. Please note that fabric information is missing in the t-shirt tech pack. We are after 190gsm or 200gsm combed cotton in 3 colours – 300 pcs each. Please recommend other soft and durable fabric as well.

    Also, please note that we have 6 different designs on the pocket print but they all have the same number of colours.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


    • Dear Clement, Thanks for your message, our production team have contact with you and will provide you best service and technical support, thank you.

  7. hello, I have a new clothing brand and i am trying to find a manufacturer that will help my designs come to life with the best quality possible. I would be really happy if we could talk and see where we could go from here.

    • Dear Dions, Our design, and merchandising team has contact with you directly, we are a professional clothing manufacturer for many famous brands, we can provide your the one-stop service from design to ship the finished garments to you, thanks.

  8. hello, I have a new clothing brand and I am trying to find a clothing manufacturer that will help my designs come to life with the best quality possible. I would be really happy if we could talk and see where we could go from here. We hope to work with the best overseas garment manufacturers and professional clothing suppliers.

    • Hi Milana,

      That’s okay, we are one of the best clothing manufacturers in China, we can help you, please send me your tech packs and design files, etc. and advise the approximate quantity you plan to order? Thanks.

      Thank you.

  9. This article is very helpful to find the best clothing manufacturers for a new brand, thank you.

  10. Hello,
    I need the best clothing manufacturer for my own brand of clothing production, detail as follow:

    Satin Hoodies
    Satin is double layered for a luxury feel
    “Dodo” embroidered on chest
    “Feel heat” embroidered on top of hood
    Hood is large enough to fit big hair
    85% cotton 15% polyester
    Qty: 2000 pieces


    • Dear Giana,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We can produce this high-quality hoodie for you.
      Have you produced this hoodie before, if so, can you send me some clear pictures to see the details?
      How many sizes do you need?
      Do you have target prices?
      We will contact with you directly for further communication.

      Thank you.

  11. Hello,

    I am looking for clothing manufacturers. I am in Canada. I would like help in buying clothes and change the labels to my brand as well as fabric care label and then ship to me in Canada.
    I am a small business so I would probably start with sample first then depending on price purchase 15 to 20 pieces at a time. For now at least. If we get bigger then of course our order will to.
    For now, I am looking at Mulberry silk garments and silk dress, t-shirts, shirts from China.
    Can you do this?

    • Dear Ritu,
      We are the best custom apparel manufacturer in China, our production team will contact with you directly and provide you full support.
      Thank you.

  12. Hello – I am looking for a clothing Manufacturer for my online business. We sold 40 000pieces of various fashion clothes last season, and want to get a new production partner on board. I would love to find out more information. I want to get some dresses, a t-shirt design and some lounge sets, and other items produced with my own label.
    Best Regards,

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We are a professional clothing manufacturer for the worldwide fashion brands and apparel buyers base in China.
      Our garment production for custom orders will contact you for further communications.
      If you are looking for a manufacturing partner or have the following requirements,

      Clothing manufacturers
      How to find a clothing manufacturer
      High quality clothing manufacturers
      Finding a clothing manufacturer
      Best clothing manufacturers
      Best clothing manufacturer
      How to find high quality clothing manufacturers
      How to find clothing manufacturers
      Find a manufacturer to make my clothing
      Top clothing manufacturers

      Welcome contact with us, our factory provides you professional full support for your clothing production and supplying.
      Thank you.


  13. I am looking to start up my own clothing line and I found this article to be very informative. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Jade, Thank you for your affirmation. I will continue my efforts. If you need any support during sourcing the best clothing manufacturer, I’m pleased to provide professional support.

  14. Clothing is one of the most popular niches to sell in, but it can be hard to profit if you do not have the right clothing manufacturers on your team.

    • Yes, that’s really important to find out the best clothing manufacturer for your brand, the good quality products is the key for your business.

  15. Good day,
    We just establish a new clothing brand and we are looking for a custom clothing manufacturer from China.
    I can send you our tech packs for costing and development.

    • Dear Tshego,
      Good day.
      We are a professional custom clothing manufacturer.
      Our production team will contact you soon.
      Please send more details about your requirements, design, quantity, etc. to our production team.
      Thank you.

  16. ‪‪‪Sharoney Musiek‬‬


    Here is the sequence I advise importers to follow, when they source new clothing manufacturers and fashion suppliers:

    Get in touch with at least 10 potential suppliers, and ask some questions (about their main market, their size…) to evaluate if they are good fit for your needs.

    Request quotations (FOB, in USD) from them, to get a first pricing (without giving any target).

    Be in touch with them briefly on the phone, if possible. Human contact will show them that you didn’t sent that RFQ to 100 suppliers, and they will be more inclined to give a fast response.

    You will likely see several very similar quotes: that’s the “market price”. Eliminate all the “outliners” that gave prices 20% higher or lower than the average. (If you are consciously looking to buy above the market price to get above-average quality, keep the highest quotes).

    If you have a team on the ground and if all candidates are in the same area, this is the best time to visit their factories.

    If this is not easy, continue discussing via email and phone, and pay for factory audits once have narrowed your search down to 1 or 2 candidates.

    Give more information about your product and your quality requirements to the most interesting candidates.
    Don’t hesitate to give them your target price if it is very different from what they offer you. Ask them to justify their price level precisely.

  17. Hi, This really help on how to find the best clothing manufacturers for new brand. i would like to get some sample hoodies with puff print with my logo for my brand on it. For the sizes i would like a small and a medium it would be appreciated if you sent me a mock up of how i want it to look i would also like to get a quote too see how much it would be for just the samples and i would appreciate it if you could send a picture of the product before you ship it out so i can see if any revisions need to be made
    thank you looking forward to doing business with you

    • Dear Jadyn,
      Thank you, our manufacturing team has contacted you for details.
      We will provide you with full professional support on find the best clothing manufacturers for your brand.

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