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ApparelCN is the best custom garment manufacturer in China, our clothing factory produces various jogger pants, sweatpants and track pants, they are high-quality and fashion designs. As the professional joggers wholesale manufacturers, our factory provide readymade jogger pants/sweatpants/trackpants in-stock wholesale supply. We also provide customized/OEM/ODM/Bespoke jogger pants/sweatpants/trackpants bulk order production for private labels/Customer brands.

joggers wholesale manufacturers

Sweatpants are essential clothing items that will always be in demand. With the right sweatpants, wearers can achieve unlimited potentials. They are suitable for virtually all types of events and occasions. Discover exceptional sweatpants on and achieve that look and style you’ve always wanted. You may also buy them for family and friends, or as a part of your business inventory. 

Sweatpants usually refer to sweatpants made of either cotton or polyester or CVC. Most of them use the French terry fabrics, some will have brushed inside to suit autumn and winter wear. Sweatpants are pants with a fleece texture underneath. Sweater pants can be made into sports pants style, and can also be made into other styles of bottoming pants.

What’s the differences of jogger pants, sweatpants and track pants?

The jogger pants, sweatpants and track pants belong to the same series of sports pants, but they have obvious differences that most people don’t know, let me explain for you.

Jogger pants — The style pants slim straight/narrow, most with rib/elastic cuff leg opening.

Sweatpants — The style pant with wide leg/loose/relax leg, most of them without rib cuff leg opening.

Track pants — The style includes almost all the different joggers both slim and loose pants, the most outstanding characteristics is there are stripes in outside seam of the leg.

Jogger pants


Track pants

Fabric qualities used for jogger sweatpants

The jogger pants, sweatpants and track pants main produced by knit fabric, the fabric quality includes French terry, Fleece, Waffle, Micro fleece etc.

Why choose us as jogger wholesale manufacturer?

We are the 20years old custom clothes manufacturer with rich experiences on the jogger pants manufacturer and wholesale worldwide market, there are many advantages help your brand growing up.

Premium Quality Jogger pants

  • Our jogger Track pants are crafted from internationally recognized luxury materials, high-quality fabrics.
  • Crafted from 100% comfortable materials, the Track pants ensure comfort and sustainability.
  • To ensure that the basic requirements remain unchanged, each aspect progresses through strict regulatory standards.

Fashion designs jogger pants

  • Our designer’s strenuous activity creates creative joggers designs that set trends in this global market.
  • Not only are jogger Track pants stylish, but they are also skin-friendly, non-allergic and washed organically as well.
  • The Parrot crow designers guarantee that their designs stimulate desire in the existing markets.

Environment friendly fashion manufacturer

  • The ApparelCN Jogger Track Pants are crafted in a lightweight and eco-friendly, non-plastic material.
  • ApparelCN Track pants manufacturing units are installed with innovative carbon footprint control technology.
  • Apparel CN is planning for 0% greenhouse emissions from its processing facilities shortly.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

  • We offer a very low minimum order amount to our clients.
  • We promise that our prices for our clients are extremely competitive and budget-friendly.
  • We guarantee that the manufacture of our products meets the expectations of reliability.

High Margin and High Profit

  • With revenue, we promise higher-margin business performance and achieve more profits eloquently.
  • Using state-of-the-art industry developments to achieve higher profits in much less time.
  • In comparison to other wholesale retailers, there are more modest return rates.

We are a Wholesale Manufacturer

  • Retailers can purchase luxurious goods with a low minimum order straight from our factory at competitive prices.
  • A legal brand that guarantees consistency and quantity. In the apparel industry, our goods are considered to trigger seismic events and contradict the latest paradigm.
  • Apparel CN seems to have a manufacturing facility that supports the creation and sale of distinctive items.

How to order the wholesale jogger pants/sweatpants/track pants from us?

  • All the garments in our website are available in-stock readymade for wholesale.
  • There are some readymade in-stock supply catalog in our website, see these catalogs wholesale catalogs.
  • Choose the style design you like and contact us to order.

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How to order/produce the customized design jogger pants/sweatpants/track pants in our factory?

  • Please send us your tech packs, design files, artworks, original samples for costing and development.
  • If you have no tech packs and digital design files, please advise more details about your requirements, we will provide you full support create the suitable/wonderful products for you.
  • You also can select our designs, we can provide your own private labels/brands on these products for you.

Contact the custom jogger pants, sweatpants and track pants manufacturer for bulk orders. 
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FAQ for joggers wholesale manufacturers

What is the minimum quantity for private label joggers?

If no need add logo order 1pcs can do, if add logo need 50pcs but can make different size.


How about delivery time?

Fore no printing order readymade joggers within 7days, have print order within 15days or long base on your order quantity.


What jogger size you use?

We can use many different versions size chart, such as Europe, USA, Asia size.


How long can custom make sample?

Custom makes your own design sample need 3~5days. shipping sample 3-5 days.


Which shipping way is most cheap?

Within 50pcs choose air shipping, more than 100pcs sea+ups, or sea shipping.


How can I make payment?

We use PayPal, western union, and bank account transfer, you can choose most easy way.

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