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Customize your brand leggings or wholesale a large number of leggings, so how to find the best manufacturer or factory of leggings in China?

2024 List of the latest Leggings quotes


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1. Where are the custom leggings manufacturers in China?

There are many garment manufacturers and factories in China, not all of them can produce leggings. Leggings manufacturers and factories are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces, and each garment manufacturer mainly produces several kinds of garments.

ApparelCN has more than 15 years of clothing production experience, leggings are one of our very important clothing categories.

2. Manufacturer or factory’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.

There are many manufacturers of leggings, and each manufacturer has different requirements for MOQ. For example, the minimum requirement of some suppliers is 1000 pieces. If your order quantity is less than 1000 pieces, the order manufacturer cannot accept it.

Generally speaking, the MOQ quantity of custom wholesale leggings is differentiated according to size, color,  and fabric.

MOQ for each color: 100-500 pieces

MOQ for each size: 100-500 pieces

The MOQ of leggings produced by ApparelCN is 100 pieces for each size and color.

3. Fabric selection of leggings

The quality of leggings produced by different fabrics varies greatly, and the selection of fabrics is a very important link. Most leggings are made of chemical fiber, mixed fabrics, which are composed of a variety of different chemical components, including nylon, polyester, and spandex.

Commonly used fabric composition of leggings:

87% Nylon+13% Spandex: 300 GSM-310 GSM

80% Nylon+20% Spandex: 240 GSM-250 GSM / 350 GSM-360 GSM

44% Nylon+44% Polyester+12% Spandex: 305 GSM-310 GSM

90% Polyester+10% Spandex: 180 GSM-200 GSM

87% Polyester+13% Spandex: 280 GSM-290 GSM

The main features of the fabric: skin-friendly, breathable, sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, high elasticity, and support.

You can choose your fabric supplier to purchase leggings fabric, or the factory can purchase on behalf of you.

ApparelCN has rich experience in leggings production and can choose the most suitable fabric according to your quotation.

Custom Lululemon fabric detail display Custom design your own leggings fabric


4. Obtain leggings samples

Before you can confirm your order, you will need to obtain samples, which usually cost between $50- $150. If you order in large quantities, it is best to choose one size for each color. Samples may not satisfy you the first time, and you need to make samples several times to meet the requirements.

The sample preparation time is usually 7-15 working days.

Proofing requires you to provide one of the following:

1. Design draft of leggings

2. Pictures of leggings

3. Leggings sample

Proofing shall be the local or national standard size table.

Measurement error, usually within 1-3cm.

5. Print your design and logo

1. Heat transfer printing, can be applied to a small single, small logos

2. Silkscreen printing, suitable for large orders with large quantities and large patterns.

6. Custom wholesale leggings prices

The price depends on the cost, such as fabric, color, labor cost, printing cost, order quantity, exchange rate, and so on. There are many influencing factors, and they are constantly changing.

Textiles are non-standard and prices may vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

7. Customized leggings production.

Confirm samples until you are satisfied, we do not start order production, this usually takes 10-20 working days, depending on quantity, if the order is large, it may take longer.

You need to pay a deposit of 25%-50% before the order starts. The balance will be paid after all orders are completed.

8. Leggings manufacturer China Delivery

Customers have goods sent by vessel or by air most, there are 3 points would be considered when choosing the way of shipping:
1 price of shipping, obviously money is the first point we would consider, the vessel is much cheaper than air.
2 urgency, it would be much faster by air than by vessel
3 weight or volume of goods, when weight or volume is small, air may not certainly be cheaper than the vessel.

9. Custom leggings manufacturer

One of the best leggings manufacturers in china, if you are a leggings retailer or wholesaler, we can provide you with high-quality leggings customization and mass wholesale.

Why choose us as your leggings manufacturer and supplier?
1. More than 15 years of manufacturing experience in clothing and leggings.
2. Use high-quality, high-end fabrics to produce leggings.
3. Using advanced production technology, we ensure that the leggings produced are comparable to well-known brands.
4. Direct supply from the factory.
5. There is a large amount of inventory, which can be directly wholesaled. You only need to mark your LOGO to have your brand of leggings.

Custom leggings manufacturer and supplier in china - leggings - 17

Custom leggings manufacturer and supplier in china - leggings - 18


10. China leggings manufacturer customizes popular legging styles


1. lycra high elastic soft skin-friendly nude high waisted hip lifting leggings

Item No.:6910
Source Category: Spot
Product Category: Pants
Function:Super elastic
Brand: customized
Applicable gender: female
Pattern: No
Size error range: 1~2cm
Suitable for season: spring, summer and fall
Whether stock: Yes
Fabric name: Nylon Dupont Lycra, 80% nylon + 20% spandex.
Size: S,M,L.
Price: $10.4 USD

lycra high elastic soft skin-friendly nude feel comfortable moisture wicking high waisted hip lifting micro leggings

2. Custom high elasticity hip lifting high waist leggings
Item No.:6223
Product Category: Leggings
Function:Super elastic
Brand: No
Applicable gender: women
Pattern: No
Size error range: 1~2cm
Suitable for season: spring, summer and fall
Material: 70% nylon + 30% spandex
Color: 10 colors +
Size: S,M,L,XL
Clothing shape: tight

Custom price: $8.6USD/pc

Women's stretch hip lift high-waisted running and cycling leggings


3. Custom False Two Pieces Anti-slip Back Waist with Pockets Pants Yoga Pants Leggings

Item No.:6817
Product Category:Yoga pants pants,leggings
Gender: Female
Pattern: No
Size error range:1~2cm
Suitable for season: summer, spring
Outer fabric: 95% polyester 5% spandex, 135GSM
Lining fabric: 80% nylon 20% spandex, 230GSM
Color: black, gray
Size: S,M,L,XL
Scene: Running,Fitness,Sports Trend
Shape: tight

Custom price: $9.4USD/pc

Customized False Two Pieces Anti-slip Back Waist with Pockets Pants Yoga Pants Leggings

4. Custom High Waisted Tummy Tucking Hip Lifting Leggings Running Fitness Pants Leggings

Item No.: 6076
Source Category: Order, OEM
Product Category: Yoga pants, leggings pants
Function: super elastic
Gender: Female
Suitable for season: summer,spring,fall
Material: 80% nylon + 20% spandex
MOQ: 90-120 pcs per color
Size: S – XL

Sales form: OEM custom, spot wholesale

Color style: 9 colors, more colors can be customized

Custom price: $8.9USD/pc

High Waisted Tummy Tucking Hip Lifting Leggings Running Fitness Pants

5. Custom Women’s Yoga 7/10 Pants High Waist Stretch Leggings

Item No.: 6223
Source category: OEM, order
Function:Super elasticity
Brand: Customized
Applicable gender: female
Pants length: seven pants
Pattern: solid color
Size error range: 1~2cm
Material: 80% nylon, 20% spandex
Color: black, gray, yellow red, dark green, Klein blue, green, denim blue, grey green
Size: S,M,L,XL

Custom price: $7.9USD/pc

Customized Women's Yoga 7/10 Pants High Waist Stretch Leggings

6. Custom Fitness Yoga Wear Sweat Absorbent Quick Dry High Elastic Hip Lifting High Waisted Tummy Tuck Pants

Item No.: 6223
Source Category: Order, OEM
Product category: yoga pants, leggings, exercise pants
Function: moisture wicking
Applicable gender: women
Pattern: solid color
Tolerance: 1~2cm
Suitable for season: summer, spring, fall
Whether foreign trade: Yes
Foreign trade type: export
Material: 80% nylon, 20% spandex
Color:Klein Blue,Yellow,Black,Gray,Denim Blue,Gray Green,Green
Size: S,M,L,XL
Custom price: $7.5USD/pc

Fitness yoga clothing sweat absorbent quick-drying high elastic buttocks high waist belly five pants

2024 List of the latest Leggings quotes



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