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The manufacturing process of yoga pants is not complicated, but it is not easy to make high-quality yoga pants.Briefly introduce the production process of a finished yoga suit:

1. Fabric selection
B: Mainly polyester, nylon and cotton.There are many kinds of polyester fiber fabrics. In addition to weaving pure polyester fabrics, there are many blended or interwoven products with various textile fibers, which make up for the deficiency of pure polyester fabrics and give play to better wearability.At present, polyester fabrics are developing towards the natural direction of synthetic fibers like wool, silk, hemp and deerskin.
2. Production process
We buy yoga clothes, some of the four needle six thread process, some is made on the machine, or made by the edge machine.So what’s so special about four stitches and six threads?Using four stitches and six threads to make a thicker garment also won’t produce bumps.The clothes are like a piece of jade, the lines are beautiful and smooth, wearing more comfortable and beautiful, and not easy to run, showing women’s softness and toughness.
Four needles and six threads, namely ISO607 traces, are composed of four surface threads, a bottom line and a stretch line.Compared with three stitches and five stitches, four stitches and six stitches have the advantages of being beautiful, straight and similar to seamless, and are often used in the production of underwear and sportswear.
The production of yoga clothing is a three-dimensional cutting process, plate division in the plane design, cutting is a three-dimensional cutting method.Stereoscopic cutting is a cutting method that simulates the wearing state of the human body. First, the face is given to the table, and the expected shape is made by means of shrinking, dividing and folding, so as to directly perceive the wearing shape characteristics and loosenness of the garments.Because the three-dimensional cutting is directly on the human body model cutting creation, is not limited by the plane calculation formula.Therefore, it creates clothing more personalized, more in line with the needs of human movement.
Professional provide four needle six line clothing processing, four needle six line seamless yoga clothes, tights, cycling clothes, multi-function fitness clothes, quick dry clothes, diving suits, bathing suits and other high elastic fabric clothing is our expertise.At the same time, the enterprise from the elastic fabric, sewing, equipment, professional and technical workers training, open up the whole industry chain of yoga clothes, tights, fitness clothes, we can provide OEM processing, processing, labor and materials and other services.
4. the packing
Cutting and processing are the main production steps, followed by the packaging department.Cut thread, label, chest pad, bag, these follow-up work or to refine.Only after professional QC inspection, goods up to standard, can be shipped.
A garment comes out of the oven, seemingly ordinary, but also full of a lot of blood and sweat.It is our ultimate goal to bring healthy and comfortable wearing experience to our customers.Welcome customers around the world to choose our custom wholesale yoga pants.



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