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Women's silk T-shirt/

The best wholesale supplier of T-shirts in China

Product name: T-shirt.
Main fabric ingredients, polyester fiber, silk, cotton.
Availability: Summer 2021.
Origin: Zhejiang, China.
Color: solid, 4-10 colors.
Style: V-neck, round neck, U-neck.
Sleeve length: short sleeves, long sleeves.
Main sales areas: North America, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa.
OEM: yes
Inventory: Yes.
MOQ: 2pieces.

  • Product Detail

If you’re looking for a wholesale T-shirt supplier, ApparelCN may be one of your best choices.We have more than 15 years experience in garment manufacturing.

We can provide you with ready-made T-shirts wholesale, or customized, we have a garment production factory with a lot of advanced equipment, can produce more than 5000 pieces of clothing per day.

We produce all kinds of the most popular men’s and women’s T-shirts, including pure cotton, pure silk and synthetic fabrics.

Here are our top selling mulberry silk t-shirts for 2021.Wholesale prices range from $10 to $35.

1.Wholesale V-neck really short sleeved women’s T-shirt.

Product name V-neck short-sleeved women’s t-shirts
Item no AS02-200203
Fabric  78% triacetate,22% polyester fiber
Size S,M,L,XL
Style V-neck
Colour 8 colours

2.Wholesale custom mulberry silk cold sense ironing loose woman neck V-neck T-shirt.

Product name loose woman neck V-neck T-shirt
Item no AS01-2020-1
Fabric 66% mercerized cotton, 28% regenerated cellulose fiber, 6% mulberry silk
Style V-neck
Colour 11 colours

3.Wholesale double gloss silk cotton v-neck/round neck T-shirt.

Product name round neck/ V-neck T-shirt
Item no AS02-190201
Fabric PIMA cotton
Size S,M,L,XL
Style V-neck /  round neck
Colour 9 colours
Weight 110g

4.Wholesale mercerized men cotton t-shirts.

Product name men t-shirts
Item no AS01-2021
Fabric  mercerized cotton 
Style V-neck /  round neck
Colour 4 colours

5.Wholesale knitted long-sleeved women’s t-shirts.

Product name knitted long-sleeved women’s t-shirts
Item no AS61-21002
Fabric  mercerized cotton 
Size S,M,L
Style  round neck
Colour 6 colours

6.Wholesale breathable linen women’s t-shirts .

Product name women’s t-shirts
Item no AS61-3004
Fabric linen
Size S,M,L,XL
Style round neck
Colour 8 colors

7. Wholesale mulberry silk short-sleeved round neck T-shirt for women.

Product name women’s t-shirts
Item no AS13-2113
Fabric  10% mulberry silk, 90% spandex
Size S,M,L
Style round neck
Colour 5 colors

8.Wholesale mulberry silk short sleeve T-shirt.

Product name women’s t-shirts
Item no AS06-21042
Fabric 74.1% regenerated cellulose fiber, 10.2% mulberry silk, 15.7% polyester fiber
Size S,M,L
Style round neck
Colour 7 colors

9.Wholesale 100% cotton V-collar T-shirt.

Product name women’s t-shirts
Item no AS61-4002
Fabric  100% cotton
Size S,M,L,XL
Style V neck
Colour 4 colors


10.Wholesale mulberry silk thread short sleeve T-shirt for women.

Product name women’s t-shirts
Item no AS01-XLW2021
Fabric  70% viscose, 10% silk, 20% spandex
Style V-neck, round neck
Colour 7 colors



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