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Bulk clothing production

When you plan to start a t-shirt business, or want to produce your own t-shirts, the most important thing is that work with the good t-shirt manufacturer. Work with the professional t-shirt manufacturer will make your order production process as smooth as expected and finally get perfect t-shirts products.

OEM/Commercial t-shirt manufacturer for worldwide customers

20 years of factory experience and strong production strength t-shirt manufacturer

  • Has 1 wholly-owned factory, 8 cooperative factories distributed in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries, and more than 50 strong suppliers of fabric and accessories.
  • Group customized T-shirts have more than 500 latest styles for companies to choose from. The renderings can be quickly produced, and a dedicated person will provide solutions.
  • The factory has a complete set of T-shirt customized production technology and equipment from design, printing, transfer printing, cutting, sewing, packaging, to logistics.
  • Customized listing commemorative shirts for many large companies, creating an industry miracle of “130,000 T-shirts completed in 12 days”!
Private label customized polo shirt manufacturer

Private label/Customize T-shirt manufacturer for brands

Strong t-shirt design team and software technology

The factory has more than 20 fashion designers to form a technical research and development team, which can quickly integrate your design elements into the customized t-shirt template. There is a dedicated 2D and 3D software technology development team that can show you 3D effects within 10 seconds. Picture, let your thoughts be displayed in front of you immediately.

High quality t-shirt manufacturer

Superb T-shirt production technology

The t-shirt manufacturer has 18 years of foreign trade export high-end T-shirt buyer customer quality.

Ten major printing processes, fluorescent, luminous, transfer printing, thermal transfer, embroidery, offset printing, screen printing, digital direct injection, sublimation, hot stamping, hot silver, T-shirt customization is your master.

At the beginning of the establishment of the clothing factory, it passed the international WRAP certification, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification as sustainable T-shirt clothing manufacturer.

Customized t-shirt products are exported to major countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East, South America and Africa, and have accumulated a good international reputation. And has established strategic partnerships with many international famous brands, including ASCIS, GRIPS, Reebok, UMB-RO, DHL, etc.

One-stop t-shirt manufacturing service

Powerful resource integration ability

After years of development, the company has established a strong supplier system, integrating upstream fabric and accessories manufacturers to form a supplier system with stable quality, punctual delivery, and rapid action; at the same time, it is compatible with various express delivery, logistics, domestic transportation, sea, air, and door Door-to-door delivery and other transportation and delivery logistics companies maintain close cooperation and recommend the most suitable transportation method according to the number of orders and requirements of customers.
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T-shirt products our factory manufactured

As the professional t-shirt manufacturer and leading clothing manufacturer factory, our garment factory produced various high-quality t-shirts includes cotton t-shirts, blank t-shirts, printed t-shirts, tie-dye t-shirts, polo t-shirts, sports t-shirts, fashion t-shirts, athletic t-shirts etc.

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Types of printing provided by t-shirt manufacturer

With the development and update of printing technology, there are more and more types of customized T-shirt printing, and the pursuit of personalized printing LOGO, then how many printing processes are there for customized T-shirts? The following are the printing processes that are often used in T-shirt customization in our clothing factory.

1. Water slurry printing T-shirt (screen printing)

Screen printing is suitable for T-shirt orders of more than 3000 pieces. The larger the quantity, the more suitable for screen printing fabrics. Screen printing is to screen printing bulk fabrics, and then cutting the fabrics to produce T-shirts and other clothing products. Screen printing is the earliest Applied printing technology. The material used for printing patterns is water-based paste, similar to the pigments or dyes used in painting. Through the technical treatment of the printing screen, the paste can penetrate into the fabric where there is a pattern, but the place without a pattern cannot penetrate, so that the pattern can be printed on the fabric.

Its characteristics are: each screen can only print one color, without adding a color, a new screen is required; printing screens need to be made; if a design pattern has 5 colors, 5 screens are needed. The advantage is that the printed fabric has good air permeability.


2. Ink printing t-shirt manufacturer

Also called thermosetting ink printing. It uses chemical ink as the printing material, and it needs high temperature drying to make the ink solidify on the fabric; it needs to make a printing plate; it can use four-color bumping screen to print color patterns, or it can print a layer of white on the dark fabric first Then print light-colored patterns; same as glue printing, poor air permeability; patterns that are not washable and easy to fall off, especially when used in chemical fiber fabrics.

Some T-shirts with cooler patterns seen on the market are ink-printed works.

3. Hot stamping and transfer printing (thermal transfer)

It is a technology developed at a later stage. It uses an intermediate medium (such as transfer paper), that is, the pattern is first printed on the transfer paper covered with a special coating, and then the pattern on the transfer paper is transferred to the fabric through pressure and high temperature.

The advantage of this is that it simplifies the production process of printing, and makes the production of patterns, ie transfer paper, a new industry independently, and facilitates the distribution of patterns. Its actual effect is the same as ink printing, but its pattern accuracy is higher. Heat transfer and T-shirt transfer paper are representative of this type.

4. Digital direct-injection printing process t-shirt manufacturing

It is suitable for small batch printing and can achieve better hand feeling! Digital direct-injection technology does not require plate making, and directly prints the pattern in the computer on the cotton fabric to achieve a WYSIWYG printing effect. The operation is simple and completely breaks through the color limitation of traditional screen printing. Digital printing can print 16.7 million colors on the chromatogram, with rich colors! The use of high-quality water-based environmentally friendly dyes can ensure that the pigment molecules are completely fused with the cotton fiber under high temperature and high pressure, and realize the visible and intangible printing effect of the printing pattern. It is the most cutting-edge personalized printing solution in China!

5. Bronzing and silver t-shirt manufacturing

After printing with special materials, a new metal texture printing effect can be obtained through thermal transfer electrochemical printing on the clothes. The name is welding t-shirt manufacturing. Advantages: it looks high-end and shiny. Disadvantages: the quality of the current bronzing foil is unstable, and the imported price is high, which is not good for small batch production. The washing water is not good. Experienced employees are required to operate the production.

Several commonly used printing processes can help everyone. Only by choosing a suitable printing process when customizing T-shirts can the beauty of the pattern be fully reflected.

6. Embossing/knurling print t-shirt

Embossed T-shirts is a popular T-shirt production process recently, which is to make corresponding improvements to the process of embossing patterns on leather materials before pressing out on all kinds of textile fabrics such as cotton, polyester-cotton and other fabrics. Corresponding patterns, or various patterns such as fonts.

Common types of T-shirt fabrics

We are more than 20 years leading garment manufacturer, our factory production team hand various types of fabric and closely work with our fabric supplier worldwide, following list the main types of t-shirt fabric qualities our factory used.

Polyester cotton T-shirt fabric

Cotton + polyester, refers to the general term for blended fabrics of polyester and cotton. Generally, there are two classification methods of blending and interweaving. The advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to deform; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, and with two dyeings, the fabric feels hard. The hand feels soft and thick, and it is not easy to be deformed during washing, but the comfort of clothes is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. The 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is okay, while the 35% cotton is inferior. It is very uncomfortable to wear and easy to pilling.

100% cotton T-shirt fabric

This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, which is very cost-effective. Although it is not like other high-end T-shirt fabrics, which are processed by a special process, it is 100% pure cotton. It still maintains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton and has good skin-friendliness. , Good air permeability and good moisture absorption. If you have a small budget and want to wear comfortably, this one is a good choice. Of course, some 100% cotton processed by special processes such as depilation and softening are also high-end fabrics.

Cotton + Lycra (high-quality spandex), also known as Lycra cotton t-shirt fabric

With drape and crease recovery ability, this is an elastic cotton fabric implanted with spandex after the weaving process. It feels good, fits snugly, accentuates the figure, has elasticity, and is especially suitable for close-fitting clothing. In the past two years, it has been used on men’s T-shirts. Generally, when making T-shirt fabrics, spandex fabrics can only be treated with light alkali and low temperature mercerizing. This kind of fabric is more suitable for close-fitting fashion style T-shirts, and the skinny will be worse. In particular, it should be noted that this fabric should be treated with anti-shrinkage.

Mercerized cotton t-shirt fabric

After worsted spinning, it is made into high-woven yarn, and the mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton. After singeing, mercerizing and other special processing procedures, the high-quality mercerized yarn is made into smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant. The high-quality T-shirt fabric made of this raw material not only fully preserves the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric feels soft, absorbs moisture and breathes, and has good elasticity and drape. In addition, it is rich in colors and clothes. Comfortable and casual, it fully reflects the temperament and taste of the dresser. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabrics are exquisite, and their workmanship and printing embroidery are different from ordinary clothing. It is recommended to find manufacturers who specialize in high-end T-shirts, they are more experienced.

Double mercerized cotton t-shirt fabric

Using mercerized yarn made by singeing and mercerizing as raw material, pure cotton double mercerized fabric is a pure cotton product with “double burnt double silk”. Using the CAD computer-aided design system and the CAM computer-aided production system, we can quickly weave the designed T-shirt fabric. After the grey fabric is singed and mercerized again, after a series of finishings, this high-end T-shirt fabric is produced. The cloth surface has clear grain, novel pattern, bright luster and smooth hand feeling, which is better than mercerized cotton, but it is slightly more expensive due to two mercerizing finishing.

Pure cotton t-shirt fabric

  1. Features: Hydrophilic fiber, strong water absorption and quick drying. A medium-strength fiber has a tensile strength of 3.5~4.0g/d, but it will increase its strength by 10% when wet, making it a washable fiber. It has good thermal conductivity and no static electricity.
  2. Advantages: a) Absorb sweat and dissipate heat, and the unit price is low; b) Good thermal conductivity and no static electricity; c) Afraid of acid but not alkali, it can withstand the cleaning of strong detergent.
  3. Disadvantages: a) poor stretch elasticity and easy to wrinkle; b) initial shrinkage when exposed to water, the whole piece of clothing will be wrinkled after washing, shrinking or becoming larger in size; c) susceptible to mildew and Infestation by moths; d) Sweat acid will damage cotton, reducing its strength and making it easy to turn yellow.

CVC (cotton/polyester) T-shirt fabric

  1. Features: 70% cotton and 30% man-made fiber blended.
  2. Advantages: It has the sweat absorption effect of cotton and the appearance of man-made fibers.
  3. Disadvantages: poor touch.

TC (TC Tetoron, stretch nylon)

  1. Material: Polyester fiber POLYESTER.
  2. Advantages: good texture and resistance to sunlight, not easy to deform when washed in water, and good friction resistance.
  3. Disadvantages: static electricity and pilling will be generated, and it will not absorb sweat.

Nylon t-shirt fabric

Main used for sports t-shirt manufacturing and athletic t-shirt manufacture.

  1. Features: Excellent durability, high strength and high friction resistance.
  2. Advantages: smooth surface, high gloss and softness. It has excellent resistance to alkalis and chlorine-containing bleaching agents, but strong acids can damage nylon. Easy to wash and dry, and not easy to wrinkle. Not afraid of moths and mildew.
  3. Disadvantages: it does not absorb water and is prone to static electricity. The resistance to sunlight is very poor.

Lycra t-shirt fabric

That is nylon, spandex. Lycra, to put it bluntly, rubber bands are added to the fabric to make the fabric elastic. Many cotton fabrics have added 5% to 10% Lycra, that is, spandex. This kind of fabric has a certain degree of elasticity, and the clothes and pants can be tailored to fit better, but there is no sense of restraint, and the wearing comfort is higher. Elastic fiber is not cloth, but a component of cloth.

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Famous T-shirt brand worldwide

  1. Singles (single T-shirt brand, one of the two major original T-shirt brands in China);
  2. The Kingdom of Shirts (Couple T-shirt brand, one of China’s two original T-shirt brands);

Givenchy T-shirt

  1. Polo T-shirt [span] (top ten T-shirt brand, founded in the United States by Ralph Lauren in 1968);
  2. Nike Nike (top ten T-shirt brand, started in the United States in 1972);
  3. Adidas (top ten T-shirt brand, started in Germany in 1948);
  4. Levi’s Levi’s (top ten T-shirt brand, started in 1853 in the United States, famous for its jeans);
  5. Mojinjia (beginning in 1990 to sell nationwide, national inspection-free product);
  6. Lacoste French crocodile (top ten T-shirt brand, world brand, France in 1933);
  7. Lining (China famous brand, top ten T-shirt brand, founded in 1990 in China);
  8. Metersbonwe (China’s well-known trademark, the top ten T-shirt brands of national inspection-free products);
  9. Yichun YISHION (China’s well-known trademark, China’s famous brand, national inspection-free, top ten T-shirt brands);
  10. JEANSWEST (top ten T-shirt brands, a brand under the Hong Kong Rising Sun Group, a well-known brand);
  11. U-Smart (Bull shirt, high-end graphic T-shirt brand, owned by Kang Nai Clothing Co., Ltd.);
  12. Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein);
  13. Dolce & Gabanna: (D&G) Dolce&Gabanna’s secondary line;
  14. Disco Ward (Dsquared2);
  15. Jack Jones (jack&jones);

18.G-Star, TK/Kikuchi Takeo;

  1. CUTLL (new and light trendy brand);
  2. Yi Yuner (Chinese famous brand, top ten T-shirt brand, founded in 1995 in China);
  3. TeeUMe T-shirt customization life, personality creates the future, landing in China in 2009, China’s first professional T-shirt customization platform;
  4. TOSYQ (Korean sports brand);
  5. Longbrigs (longbrigs);

24.V-Smart (customized brand of corporate uniforms and work clothes, a subsidiary of Kangnai Clothing Co., Ltd., whose main business includes T-shirt customization.);

  1. Mood T-shirt (original T-shirt brand for young people);

26.187 Block Pavilion (Chinese street culture brand T-shirt);

  1. Mark William (Mark William) is a Danish fashion brand;
  2. WillsMan is a trendy brand from the United States;
  3. MEYENG costumes (Chinese famous brand);

30.5ITshirt (Chinese original t-shirt brand);

  1. Uzhome (domestic original t-shirt brand).



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