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Cotton fabrics:
It has good hygroscopicity, air permeability, soft and comfortable to wear, good warmth retention, good wearing performance, good dyeing performance, bright color, complete chromatography, strong alkaline resistance, heat resistance,
Disadvantages: acid resistance poor elasticity, shrinkage rate is large, easy to wrinkle, easy to mold, such as long time and sunlight contact, reduced strength, fiber will become hard and brittle, but moth-eaten resistance, is the ideal undergarment, is also a good and inexpensive public coat.
Linen fabric:
Strength, heat conduction, moisture absorption than cotton fabric, acid and alkali reaction is not sensitive, anti-mold, not easy to be affected with damp and mildew, bright color, not easy to fade, ironing temperature is high, spray water out directly in the reverse ironing.
Wool fabric:
Strong wear resistance, quality, warm, elastic, anti-wrinkle, not easy to fade.Disadvantages: felting reaction (easy to shrink);Wool is easy to be moth eaten, often friction will pilling;Long-term exposure to strong light will make its tissue damage, poor heat resistance
Silk fabrics:
Soft, elegant and gorgeous, bright color, dazzling, hygroscopic, heat resistant, light resistant, water resistant, alkali resistant.
Chemical fibers:
Chemical fibers are divided into: 1. Regenerated cellulose fiber 2. Polyester 3.4. Acrylic 5. Pylon 6. Polypropylene 7
1, regenerated cellulose fiber characteristics: moisture absorption, breathable, soft feel, comfortable to wear, the effect of silk, bright color, full color, good luster is easy to wrinkle, not crisp, easy to shrink.
2, polyester characteristics: fabric crisp, wrinkle resistance, good strength, wear resistance, poor moisture absorption, easy to wash fast dry, moth eaten, not mildew, easy storage, poor air permeability, uncomfortable wearing, easy dust absorption, easy pilling, for improvement, add natural fiber, regenerated cellulose, fiber blending.
3, nylon characteristics: elasticity and fluffy similar to wool, high strength, shape, clean and clean appearance, heat resistance and light resistance, poor moisture absorption, poor comfort, improved after blending.
4, Pylon characteristics: good strength, moisture absorption, not afraid of mildew, heat resistance, easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, strong and durable texture.
5, polypropylene characteristics: strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, no moisture absorption, no heat resistance, wide appearance, stable size.
6, spandex characteristics: good elasticity, large stretch, comfortable to wear, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance, low strength, no moisture absorption.
Knitted underwear features: good scalability, soft, moisture absorption, breathable, wrinkle-proof.
Knitted outerwear characteristics: firm wear-resistant, beautiful pattern, bright color, crisp anti-wrinkle, small shrinkage rate, easy to wash and quick to dry, but moisture absorption, poor air permeability.
Fur Leather:
Fur features: (natural) beautiful, elegant dress, luxuriant and noble, comfortable and warm.
Artificial fur features: warm, beautiful appearance, plump, soft feel, fluffy fluffy, good elasticity, loose texture, light, wear-resistant, antibacterial and insect-proof, easy to store, washable, but poor windproof, high hair loss rate.
Natural leather characteristics: water is not easy to deformation, dry wash water shrinkage, chemical resistance, anti-aging, but the size is different, processing is difficult to rationalize.Artificial leather features: soft texture, comfortable wearing, beautiful and durable, warm, moisture absorption, moth-proof, no ironing, size stability.



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