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China’s clothing processing appeared long ago. It is an ancient country with a history of 5,000 years, from furs of primitive society to clothing of slave society to gorgeous clothing of feudal society. Especially the application of silk makes our garment development more and more diversified. In the ancient garment processing industry and its backwardness, everything was handmade. Every woman will do needlework, not look down on needlework. Some people live on handmade handkerchiefs, sachets, hats, etc. Of course, there are also clothing stores. Every piece of clothing is handmade. Not everyone can afford those clothes.

More and more people make them into homes. As for those garment factories that specialize in making clothes, they are prepared for some wealthy young ladies and gentlemen. Needless to say, the styles of those clothes must be fashionable. The clothing of this period, the clothing processing industry of this period, is an important part of the small peasant economy. After entering the reform and opening up, China’s garment processing industry was the first industry to develop. The investment is small, the cost is low, and the economic benefits can be effective immediately. More importantly, labor costs at the time were relatively cheap and productivity was high. Of course, after China’s accession to the WTO, its relationship with the international community has continued to deepen, and foreign trade has become an important part of the income source of garment processing enterprises.

Clothes made in China are cheap and of good quality. Under the conditions of the same price, China’s clothing market is broader, and clothing factories are gradually moving inland. However, with the passage of time, some countries close to China have also begun to introduce foreign capital. Especially in Southeast Asia, when our country’s labor costs are increasing day by day, their advantages in labor costs are greater than ours. Under the premise of interest, many foreign-funded enterprises have begun to focus on Southeast Asia. In the absence of orders, more and more companies are facing an existential crisis. Many companies eventually went bankrupt because they could not withstand this pressure. According to data, some companies disappeared last year. In the final analysis, the reason for this is that the company is unable to deal with the crisis. There are risks in the market, and there are also risks in the enterprise. Investors who can trade in the market for a long time are foresight investors.

No one knows what will happen in the future, so what should we do? very simple. There are two ways. One is to do a good job in a garment processing factory and strive to have stable customers with fixed orders every year. While stabilizing old customers, develop new customers. The second method is to create a brand. This is a way that many people know, but few people go to the final processing plant. what is the reason? The opportunity may not be good enough, perhaps because of capital or manpower. But anyway, do your own work, step by step, and develop steadily. It is often those who have perseverance until the end of the laugh.



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