What is garment tech pack? How to make tech packer?

What is garment tech pack? Clothing production process sheet is an important technical document in the production of clothing. It stipulates the technological requirements and technical indicators of a specific style of clothing. It is the basis of garment production and product inspection. The Technical Package is a document with a large amount of information, including all the instructions and requirements in the manufacturing process of the garment. At its simplest, a tech-pack is a blueprint for a garment design that is used by a manufacturer to produce a garment product using the information sheet. Often, fashion designers create their own worksheets in consultation with factories, pattern makers, or technical producers. Of course, the process sheet can also be outsourced to a specialized third-party designer organization. The usage of garment tech pack? Who will use the apparel tech pack? Buyer create their own garment fix the design, quality, workmanship, packing etc. Buyer send the tech pack to garment factory for … Continue reading What is garment tech pack? How to make tech packer?