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What Materials to Choose for Your Yoga Clothes

A common mistake people make when they are supposed to do any physical activity – be it yoga practice, walking your dog, going on a morning jog, or moving from home– is choosing the wrong kind of clothes. Not wearing adequate clothes may just make your whole experience at least a bit harder. You will probably feel uncomfortable, sweat more, or your movement might be limited because of the clothing items that are too tight, rigid, or not stretchy enough. We have an idea – yoga clothes might just be the right fit for situations like these. If you wish to find cheap but high-quality options, you may want to take a look at some wholesale clothing websites, where you can find exactly what you’re looking for without spending too much money. We will review some aspects you should keep in mind when searching for the right apparel and help you decide what materials to choose for your yoga clothes.


Comfort should come first

We are sure that some of you who are reading this article right now are die-hard fans of fashion and love to be the best dressed in the room at all times. However, in some cases, it’s far more important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing – even at the expense of turning heads. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to look stylish in yoga wear – you can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. If, however, wearing yoga clothes throughout your move just doesn’t cut it for you, suggests that you pack a change of clothes in your moving essentials bag. Especially if you are about to make an international move, you never know when you will have access to your wardrobe again – so it’s best to pack at least one change of clothes and something warm, just in case.


Clothes should be breathable

You need to make sure that you – and your body – can breathe properly at all times. The top you’re wearing can under no circumstances limit your ability to take deep breaths. After all, you’ll have to take a lot of these if you’re doing a physically demanding activity. Avoid tight-fitting tops and bras. Your skin being able to breathe will highly depend on the breathability of the materials you choose for your yoga clothes. Wearing breathable clothes is especially important if you sweat a lot, and if you are performing a physical activity, chances are that you might. A particular material you should consider avoiding is cotton, as it holds moisture. Polyester is an essential part of the fabric in many yoga pants, but it is far less breathable compared to other materials.


Mind the flexibility

It’s probably safe to assume that the activity you need to perform will require bending, reaching, or stretching to some extent. We imagine it would be inconvenient if your clothes ripped at an awkward moment – especially if you don’t have any spare clothes. Your clothes will have to keep up with your movements at all times. Ideally, the material should have some spandex – 10 to 15 percent. Spandex is known for its ability to stretch a lot and still return to its original form. Lycra is another good option to consider. If you don’t know where to begin your search for yoga clothes of adequate flexibility, you can take a look at some of the activewear wholesale catalogs available on the internet.


Which material to absolutely avoid for yoga clothes?

 Choosing the suitable material for your yoga clothes is going to be primarily based on your personal preference. There isn’t one material we can recommend and vouch that is the best one. If there were, most yoga clothes – if not all – would be made out of that specific material. That being said, there is one material we can all agree it’s best to avoid if you can, and that is – cotton.

Yes, cotton. Although many people perceive it as the best natural material, which has a lot of benefits, and despite being known as a resistant and durable fabric, cotton is not the best choice when it comes to yoga clothes. The reason behind this is that it absorbs moisture quickly but dries very slowly.


Other materials to take into account


Like polyester and spandex, nylon is a good material for active wear, as it is very durable, strong, and stretch-resistant. Its quick-drying properties and the fact that it has a low moisture absorbency make it a perfect choice for any kind of physical activity.




Although it is a synthetic material and not a natural one, polypropylene is a great fit for fitness garments. It is waterproof, which means it’s bound to handle any weather conditions you may encounter during your activity – even heavy rain. Additionally, it makes sweat evaporate from your skin, preventing irritation from occurring and helping you feel more comfortable while performing any physical activity.



We saved this one for last because it’s certainly worth mentioning. It’s, however, not as good of a choice as the previously mentioned materials, but it’s not bad. Rayon is a cheap fabric commonly used in activewear because of its breathability properties. It is, however, not nearly as durable as, for example, polyester.



As you can see, there are many aspects to take into consideration when you are deciding what materials to choose for your yoga clothes. The decision will depend on a lot of factors – being stylish, comfortable, being able to breathe and stretch as much as you need to. We hope that, after going through all of the available options with us, you will be able to reach an informed decision more rapidly and efficiently.



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