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Clothing manufacturer service

All students have a good expectation for the school, starting with a pure white shirt.

Although it looks unremarkable, it hides a lot of design ingenuity, so that students can wear it more confidently!

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Selected fabrics

Select high-performance preventive fabrics, perfectly integrate the flexibility of cotton and the shape retention of polyester, and give gentle care to delicate skin.

The yarns are interweaved in an orderly manner between the warp and weft, creating a touchable and smooth texture, allowing the body to breathe freely in a stretched way.

Anti-wrinkle no-ironing

The unique non-ironing process endows the shirt with a strong anti-wrinkle memory function.

Natural and crisp, durable and shape-retaining, reducing the burden of daily care for parents.

After the baptism of time, it is still as smooth as ever.

Tailoring Slim-fit specialist

The precise tailoring of every inch of fabric comes from the careful consideration of children’s clothing.

Combined with the customized version of ergonomics, room for growth is reserved for adolescent children.

The smooth lines outline a tall and straight posture, allowing children to step into the vast world with their heads held high.


Under the details, the interpretation is infinite.

Improved collar height makes it easy for kids to tie ties.

The fine stitching records exquisite elegance, and the rounded universal sleeves reveal soft lines.

The thoughtful design of the three-dimensional armhole is convenient for children to move their arms freely.

Long-wearing as new

High-quality fabrics have a more natural luster, exuding a confident temperament in every gesture.

It is still as white as new after frequent washing, and it will not turn yellow even if you sweat for a long time.

Every departure is a brand-new start, calmly starting the next life journey.



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