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Bulk clothing production

1. How to find wholesale suppliers of women’s clothing in China.

If you want to look for women’s clothing wholesale supplier, or are looking for a women’s clothing factory, then perhaps China is one of the most worthy of choice, because China is the world’s largest producer of clothing, almost all of the latest fashions and apparel fabrics production, can all be found, there are thousands of women’s clothing manufacturing enterprises in China,Choose the most appropriate wholesale suppliers of women’s clothing in the following ways.

A:Search engines

Search engine is one of the most important ways to obtain the information of clothing manufacturers. Many garment manufacturers have their own websites. It is not difficult to find these sites and get the contact information through search engine.

B:B2B Trading platform

The most famous e-commerce trading platform has Alibaba, made in China network, Dunhuang network and other B2B websites, there are thousands of clothing manufacturers or clothing wholesale traders on these websites, if the wholesale volume is relatively small, you can also directly order on it, a large number of manufacturers can also look for customized,However, there are too many clothing manufacturers on these websites. How to find the most suitable manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of women’s clothing is a big challenge, because it is related to your cost and whether you can make more profits.

C:Clothing market

There are many wholesale clothing markets in China. These wholesale clothing markets are very big. You can find almost all the clothes you want, no matter the price or the style and the fabric, which can meet all your needs.China’s most famous several clothing wholesale market: Beijing zoo clothing wholesale market, Hangzhou sijiqing clothing wholesale market, guangzhou shishang clothing wholesale market, zhejiang yiwu clothing wholesale market.


2. Wholesale category of women’s clothing.
(1)Wholesale women’s dresses.


(2)Wholesale women’s shirts.

(3)Wholesale women’s camisole.

(4)Wholesale women’s skirts.

(5)Wholesale women’s pants.

6)Wholesale women’s pajamas.

(7)Wholesale women’s yoga leggings.


3. Women’s clothing manufacturers and women’s clothing wholesale suppliers.

(1)Yiwu li slow clothing manufacturers,the main production of chiffon shirts, skirts, shirts, T-shirts, vests, leggings and other professional basic women’s wear.The main development network hot style, is a real manufacturer, quality assurance, sufficient supply of goods, long-term supply throughout the year.
(2)Hangzhou Chu Su Garment Factory,professional production of high-grade pure silk women’s clothing.
(3)Hangzhou mu wan clothing manufacturers,the main production of women’s dresses, casual pants, coats.
(4)Jinhua Yatuo clothing manufacturer, mainly produces women yoga tights, bikinis, wide-leg pants, dress skirts.
(5)Hechuang clothing strength factory, mainly produces women’s knitting sweaters, with a daily output of 3000-5000 pieces.
(6)Zhejiang idony clothing manufacturer,The company produces wholesale high-end women’s leggings, yoga clothing, fitness clothing, sports underwear, sports tights, sports tights and other professional yoga and fitness clothing, as well as sports T-shirts, sports pants, sports coats and other sports and leisure clothing.
(7)Hangzhou ruizi clothing co., LTD. Is a professional production and processing of down jackets, cotton jackets, sweaters, casual pants, jeans and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system.
(8)Hangzhou Wanfeng Textile Co., Ltd., produces high-grade pure silk women’s clothing.

4. Wholesale volume and price.
There is a great relationship between the price and quantity of clothing purchased in wholesale. The more quantity you buy, the cheaper it will be.
There are generally three tiers of wholesale prices.
2-100 pieces, 101-500 pieces, more than 500 pieces.
Under normal circumstances, a style of clothing ordered less than 100 pieces have inventory, more than 100 pieces need to schedule production, from demand to production delivery, it takes 20-30 days.

5. Wholesale women’s clothing design and customization

There are two ways of wholesale women’s clothing customization;
(1) Design and make plates by themselves or provide samples, purchase fabrics and accessories, and the garment factory will process and produce them according to the design requirements.
(2) Provide samples or design drawings by themselves, and the garment factory will provide fabrics and accessories for processing and production.

Customized sample contains costs: fabric costs, accessories costs, processing costs, loss costs, packaging costs, inspection + freight + customs duties.Packaging: plastic, paper packaging.
Customized clothing to determine the price and quality of the clothes done, usually the better the quality of the higher the price, if a small amount of custom is more expensive.
The advantage of custom is that you can create your own clothing brand, but the cost is relatively high, and the cycle is longer, from placing an order to delivery takes longer time.

6. Garment acceptance.
The acceptance of women’s clothing mainly has two parts.
A. Check whether the quantity, size, color and style are correct.
B. Check whether the clothing quality is up to standard, the fabric is consistent, and the label is correct.
In order to ensure the quality of clothing, you can choose a third party inspection company to check and accept the goods before they are sent out, and then go through logistics transportation after passing the inspection.

7. Logistics and freight.
Wholesale clothing logistics usually has a variety of options, usually in accordance with the volume and weight of the charge, the specific cost depends on what kind of express company you choose and what kind of transportation, the following are the 10 commonly used logistics companies to choose:

(1) DHL, a transportation company founded in the United States, is wholly owned by Deutsche Post Group and is one of the largest transportation companies in the world.
(2) Exel is a global supply chain management service company whose business mainly focuses on logistics, distribution and transportation management.
(3) Expeditors International’s services include air freight, shipping, freight forwarding, insurance and distribution, and supply chain software services, but the company’s core business is still transportation services.
(4) FedEx is one of the largest U.S. express delivery companies with a number of subsidiaries around the world.Its main service area is the United States, which accounts for about 80% of the overall business. The biggest feature of the company is that it mostly uses air transportation for express delivery. So far, it has owned 671 aircraft, which is efficient and convenient for logistics delivery.
(5) A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, a subsidiary of Maersk Logistics, was founded in Denmark in 1904. Currently, it has offices in more than 130 countries around the world and is the world’s largest container shipping company.
(6) Nippon Express, a Japanese company, is one of the world’s top 500 companies. Its main transportation modes include automobile transportation and air transportation.In addition, warehousing services are also a major business of the company. Motor transportation and warehousing services account for about 70% of the company’s business.
(7) Panalpina is one of the world’s largest logistics groups, the company has more than 300 branches in many countries.The main business includes air and sea freight, logistics and other comprehensive services.
(8) As the core business of Ryder System, logistics is mainly aimed at the American market, with about 80% of the business coming from the United States.
(9) TNT Post Group, an internationally renowned logistics company headquartered in the Netherlands, provides postal, express and service services in more than 200 countries worldwide.The logistics business mainly focuses on the transportation of cars, and also provides express delivery services. At present, it has hundreds of warehouses around the world, and the business market is mainly in Europe.
(10) At present, UPS is the world’s largest express delivery company. The main service areas of UPS are the United States and Europe, of which the United States accounts for about 90%. However, with the rise of cross-border e-commerce in China, the Asian market has also seen a great improvement in recent years.

8.How to pay.
Payment is usually divided into two phases, with a 30% to 50% deposit to be paid first and the balance to be paid after all goods are shipped.

Accepted terms of payment:
Large payments

1、Letter of Credit.
2、Telegraphic Transfer,Mail Transfer,Demand Draft.
3、Collection(Documents against Payment,Documents against Acceptance).


2、Western Union.



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